How to Tip Your Favorite Coffee Bean Farmer – That’s Right, The Farmer

Coffee Farmer

We love our coffee. And we may think nothing of tipping the hardworking barista at the local café for slinging a fancy cappuccino our way. But what about the farmer who grew the coffee beans in the first place? They probably have the harder job of the two, but in all likelihood, are vastly underpaid for the work they do. In fact, they may make so little that they can no longer sustain their farming practice. Yet here we are spending $15-$20 for a sack of coffee beans without blinking an eye. Isn’t it time the farmers got their fair share? is hoping to accomplish just that. The project aims to connect coffee drinkers with the small-scale farmers who grow the coffee beans. So, how does it work? Simply buy and enjoy Traceable Coffee at select retailers throughout the country. The packaging then has a code, which when entered on their website or scanned directly with your smart phone, will then trace you back to the farmer. How nifty is that!

The website tells you about the farmers including a selection of videos. Then, if you want to tip the farmer, all you have to do is add money to a virtual tip jar online that eventually gets sent directly to the farmer.

I can’t help but think of the implications of transparency that come with this technology. For example, if you could see exactly who is farming the cattle where that steak came from”¦