How to Find a Local Organic Dairy


Unless you’re into quaffing growth hormones with your milk, you’ve probably been buying your dairy products organic. Eggs, milk, cheese – with all these animal products it’s important to go organic in order to get your nutrition free of chemicals, from antibiotic-free animals that eat organic feed and are raised humanely. But what if you want to take it a step greener and support local organic dairies? How do you find them?

The first thing you can do is Google your town, state or region, plus the words “organic dairy farm.” If there are small organic dairies nearby, they’ll probably show up. A few other resources to try are these pages from the Organic Consumers Association, and the Eat Well Guide. (Not all small dairies will be in these guides, so Google to bring up other results.) And thanks for supporting your local organic dairy!

Image: R’eyes