Huntsville Hero: The House That Dan Phillips Built


We’ve heard the frustrated cries of cash-strapped friends: “I want my home to be more energy-efficient but it’s so darn expensive!” and “I would buy furniture that’s made from recycled materials but right now all I can afford is that particle board dresser from IKEA!”

However, Dan Phillips is out to prove that eco-friendly homes can be both affordable and attractive.

The Huntsville, Texas man formed Phoenix Commotion and has built over a dozen homes using at least 80-85 percent of recycled or salvaged materials. Picture ceilings lined with a geometric cacophony of picture frame corners in every color, floors made from old wine corks, and address numbers made from cattle bones (we did mention he’s in Texas, right?).

And the best part is that the owners (primarily minimum wage workers who would otherwise float from apartment to apartment or mobile home to mobile home) are required to participate in the building process so they’ll feel a sense of pride in ownership.

Phillips’ wild, whimsical creations follow two simple rules: they must meet building codes and follow the laws of physics. He keeps homes small and simple and tries to maintain a level of energy efficiency, which makes them attractive to future buyers. The rest is left to his imagination and that of the new homeowner.


Images: Phoenix Commotion