Ibiza Nightlife is a Party, But While the Sun’s Out, It’s an Eco-Spiritual Paradise

Ibiza nightlife and daylife

Ibiza, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, is much more than just a party scene. There’s a spiritual side to it that will capture your heart. 

Ibiza gets me every time. The White Isle, as it’s affectionately called, is an eclectic mix of locals, famers, hippies, royalty and rock stars. Its relaxed ‘anything goes’ atmosphere can be tranquil or highly seductive. Whatever your vibe is, you can find just what you’re looking for. Ibiza offers the eco party girl everything from secluded olive grove hikes, yoga retreats, and siestas under the sun to bikini optional beach parties and the worlds hottest DJ’s spinning that make Ibiza nightlife so sought after.

Here are 5 fantastic reasons why Ibiza truly is an eco-party paradise.

1. Opening & Closing Parties

Best Ibiza Opening Parties

Skip the crowds and heat in high season by landing on Ibiza (just a one-hour hop from Barcelona) for some of the world’s best club opening and closing parties in May and October. Recommended clubs are Rumors at the chic oceanfront Beachhouse, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, and Pacha’s rooftop patio. Don’t miss the DJ Awards during the fall closing parties where the best in electronic beats battle it out. Space and Amnesia are also worth checking out.

2. Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Retreats in Ibiza

While Ibiza’s party scene dominates the media, it’s actually a spiritual mecca attracting famous energy healers from all over the world. Ibiza’s emerald tipped forests and hidden turquoise sea coves are rumored to be vortexes of energy. Come and detox away all your stress and reconnect with your inner self. Imagine yoga on a mountain top overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or get wet and practice yoga on a SUP board in the water. Either way, Ibiza has just the right vibe to get your Om on. Interested? Try Ibiza Yoga Retreat, Ibiza Retreats, and Budha House. You might discover that you have more conversations about energy in Ibiza than at your local yoga studio.

3. Beach Clubs and Sunset DJ Sets

Ibiza's Spiritual Side

How much more chill does it get than a great DJ set on the beach at sunset? And there’s no better place than Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta. Ibiza is, after all, home of the original Café del Mar – the birthplace of the now ubiquitous trumpet and flute DJ sunset set. If you’re into goal setting, in Ibiza it’s how to achieve the perfect chill-out. Which is perfectly achievable at the Blue Marlin and Experimental Beach.

4. Sailing

Sailing in Ibiza

It would be a sin to leave Ibiza without spending a day on its crystal clear seas. La Bella Verde offers two solar catamarans that the captains outfitted themselves. Catamarans give you access to  smaller private beaches that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, unless you swim in. Leaving from Las Salinas beach you can book it for your private group or join up with other singles and couples up to ten per catamaran. Sail around stunning Ibiza or traverse the sea to the nearby island of Formentera. The captains suggests cranking up the tunes, as each catamaran is outfitted with a amazing sound system to create a stellar vibe.

5. Eco Lux Villas

Eco Lux Villas in Ibiza

How often do you get your own Spanish villa? That’s the way to go in Ibiza. It becomes your haven away from it all and the perfect chill-out space for you and your friends. An island favorite and trusted agency is Ibiza Summer Villas, who can hook you up with the perfect eco luxe villa in Ibiza. Or if you prefer to stay in a hotel, the Hotel Hacienda Na Ximena, is not to be missed. Perched high above the sea with a three tiered pool and a waterfall, this 77-room boutique hotel boasts not only an incredible view but also an organic garden for its renowned restaurant.

The perfect mix of sexy and spiritual, some wanderlust travelers arrive on Ibiza and never leave. Like meeting your soulmate, Ibiza holds the promise of the unexpected. You never know what’s around the corner. The energy and vibe of the White Isle are unmatched. Just don’t go during high season, when it just might be a bit too much energy.

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