In Other News, the White House Asks the EPA Not to Do Its Job


The EPA doesn’t always do its job, but here’s a case of the Environmental Protection Agency actually trying to protect our water supply and the White House and Pentagon undercutting their efforts. Because of pressure from those higher ups, the EPA has just decided not to set a safety standard for perchlorate levels in drinking water. Perchlorate is a component of rocket fuel and poses heavy risks to the thyroid gland, particularly in pregnant women, infants and young children.

So what the heck is rocket fuel doing in our water supply? Think improper disposal on military bases, rocket test sites and chemical plants.

EPA scientists have been pushing for perchlorate regulation for years, but White House and Pentagon officials have pressured the EPA to not regulate the stuff. It’s the Defense Department, after all, that has a vested interest in not cleaning up their mess. It looks like the business of war is having a negative effect on the health of citizens here at home.

Image: mobilestreetlife