Incognito Countertop Composting


Composting when you have a big backyard? Easy. Composting when you’re a city dweller? Downright disgusting, right? It doesn’t have to be. You can turn little bits of kitchen waste – think coffee grinds and citrus rinds rather than super-stinky garbage – into fertile compost right on your kitchen counter. These cute Ceramic Countertop Compost Containers from Uncommon Goods will blend into your kitchen as if they were a jar for dog treats or flour.

The gorgeously simple containers are handmade in Vermont by artist Beth Mueller. Before tossing in your kitchen scraps, you’ll line the compost crock with a BioBag – each crock comes with 25 to get you started. The BioBags help eliminate odors and also make it easy to clean out your compost every few days, or every week, depending on how much you toss inside. We love these artful composters – labeled either “grow” or “simplify” for kitchen composting newbies – because they’re an easy solution compared to some more complicated indoor composting get-ups.