January Food Box: The ‘I Will Eat More Consciously’ Edition

Everything you need to eat and cook consciously in the new year.

Our exclusive EcoSalon shopping must-have, the curated eco product assortment known as The Box, is back. We’re offering $500 worth of holiday eco-goodies for just $99 and these won’t last. That’s a guarantee.

It’s one month into 2012; how are those healthy resolutions going? Hopefully well, but if you need an extra boost of support in eating better this year, look no further than our Conscious Food Box. It’s packed with goodies that are good for you and the planet. From gluten-free cake mix and a cookbook to reusable produce bags and coffee mugs, we hope this Conscious Eating themed box inspires you to live by our Food section motto, “good food, from good places with good people.”

(If you do miss out this time around, our friends at Foodily are hosting a giveaway for the last remaining Entertainment Box standing. Head on over to their site and register to win!)

Cooke Ceramics handmade heart shot glass

An EcoSalon Exclusive shot glass (or espresso cup) handmade by Laura Cooke of Cooke Ceramics will hold the winter libation of your choice. With our heart logo on the front and a red interior, it will warm you up no matter what you put in it.

(Retail value of $15)

Flip & Tumble produce bags

This set of 5 reusable produce bags from Flip & Tumble has everything you need to keep track of your organic produce, without having to get one of those pesky plastic bags every time you go grocery shopping.

(Retail value of $11)

100 Gluten Free Recipes for Your Vegan Kitchen

If 2012 has you thinking about making a serious change in your diet, 100 Gluten Free Recipes for Your Kitchen could easily become your Bible. The cookbook has a diverse selection of completely vegan and gluten free goods, with everything from Pad Thai Salad to Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies.

(Retail value of $14.95)

KeepCup reusable coffee cup

500 billion disposable cups are manufactured globally every year. That’s why your morning americano tastes so much better when it’s served in something reusable. Welcome the KeepCup, the size and shape of regular disposable coffee cups so they fit under espresso machines. BPA-free, dishwasher safe and splash proof, you’ll wonder what you ever were doing with the paper and disposable plastic lid situation.

(Retail value of $12.20)

Home Made by Yvette van Boven

“This year I will make more of my own food.” You may have made the resolution, but are you living up to it? Home Made gives you step-by-step insructions for a plethora of foods that you really can make at home. Your own cheese? Ice cream without a machine? It can all be done with the help of this book.

(Retail value of $40.00)

Upcycled Green Glass tumbler

A used Perrier bottle never looked so good. This tumbler is made from the classic sparkling water bottle, and keeps the used bottles out of landfills. Bright and fun, you’ll want to make this your daily water glass.

(Retail value of $9.00)

Kishr drink

Kishr is like a cup of chai on steroids. It’s a tea-like infusion made from the dried coffee cherry and a blend of Saigon cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. The beverage is actually an ancient wellness beverage that has more antioxidants and less caffeine than green tea, so just add hot water and drink up.

(Retail value of $13.99)

Assorted Luna Bars

Made with organic ingredients, Luna Bars are the perfect way to fuel up. This bundle of 3 assorted bars, will let you try a few flavors and figure you your favorite one.

(Retail value of $4.17)

Lunchbots reusable container

This reusable container does it all. Salads, sandwiches, lunches to go, leftovers… the list goes on. Made with stainless steel, the Lunchbots container is BPA-free and easy to clean. Virtually indestructible, take it with you wherever you go and you’ll cut disposable food containers out in no time.

(Retail value of $19.99)


ECOBAGS® Organic Cotton Lunch Tote
Simple and straight to the point, this is a no frills organic cotton lunch tote. With a velcro closure and completely machine washable, you’ll soon find that it’s an everyday essential for the working girl that’s making sure she’s packing her own healthy lunch.

(Retail value of $5.99)

Mum’s Original Slow Roasted Hemp Hearts and Culinary Coconut Sugar

Mum’s Original produces a variety of nut-free, gluten-free super foods, and here is your chance to check out two of them. The Slow Roasted Hemp Hearts have are exclusive to Mum’s, have a superior taste and are perfect for stocking up on your daily protein and essential fatty acids. With a taste similar to brown sugar but with twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over 10 times the amount of zinc,  this low-glycemic Coconut Sugar is an excellent sweet alternative. You’ll get a bag of each, and we’re sure you’ll put more on your shopping list.

(Total retail value of $15.98)

Strawesome Glass Straw

Cut the plastic and use one of these striking Lifetime Guaranteed Strawesome Glass Straws as a drink accessory. Handmade in Michigan, these straws are just as much works of art as they are functional drinking essentials. We have an assorted selection of straws that vary in decoration and color, so be excited to be surprised!

(Retail value of $10.99)

Fresh Wave Crystal Gel Deodorizer

If it’s time to freshen up the kitchen, this crystal gel from Fresh Wave should be your first step. A natural odor eliminator, it gives you with the all natural solution for getting rid odors by using a blend of plant oils and water; no harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. Overpowering compost? Gone. Smelly kitchen trash bag? No more. Simply place it where odors abound and let it works its magic.

(Retail value of $14.99)


San-J Organic Tamari Travel pack

If you’re gluten intolerant, you know how hard it is when it comes to eating soy sauce. Now you can stop carrying around that big, bulky bottle of gluten-free soy sauce with you when you’re on-the-go! These travel packs of organic tamari sauce are the solution. You’ll get 20 travel-sized sachets in one box, ready to be stashed in your bag or purse for your next eating adventure out.

(Retail value of $4.19)

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff Bar

An organic bar that’s perfect for chocolate lovers and high in antioxidants. Made with carrot juice, spinach, kale, broccoli sprouts, raisins, dates, and dried bananas you’ll know you’re eating something good for you before the first bite.

(Retail value of $2.19)

Laundress Kitchen Soap Bar

Kitchen and hand friendly, The Laundress Kitchen Soap Bar will do a number on your dishes but not on your skin.  A 100% vegetable soap, it’s made with saponified coconut and palm oils, vegetable glycerin, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, wheat bran, oatmeal, almond flour, apricot seed, coconut husk, ground coffee, white tea leaves and buttermilk.

(Retail value of $8)

Core Bamboo Salad Servers

Take it up a notch at your next dinner party with these bamboo salad servers from Core Bamboo. They’re big enough to not be overwhelmed by a huge bowl of leafy greens, so whip together all your favorite produce and serve in style.

(Retail value of $18)

33 Cups of Coffee Book

If your coffee drinking ventures are a blur, it’s time to jot them down. Just like a good wine journal to keep track of your favorite vineyards and vintages, this pocket sized coffee journal lets you remember all the important parts of your coffee drinking experiences, from the roaster to the taste. Just make sure your java is organic and fair trade, so it matches the ethos of this journal, made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Pacific Northwest and printed using US-grown soy-based inks.

(Retail value of $4)

Matiz Organic Chestnuts from Gilt Taste

Gilt Taste is a purveyor of pretty much all good things when it comes to food, and these organic chestnuts are no exception. The chestnuts are sourced from small farms across Galicia, Spain and already peeled and cook, which makes your job easy.  From salads to soups to dessert, they’re the perfect addition to many dishes.

(Retail value of $12.50)

Assorted Remakes placemats

Keep your kitchen table clean! Made with reclaimed billboards and movie posters, Remakes placemats give your table an edgy and urban look and protects it all at the same time.

(Retail value of $15.99)

Wholesome Chow Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix

Having a hard time with gluten free baking? Maybe it’s time for a mix. Wholesome Chow’s Organic Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake Mix is easily prepared in less than 40 minutes. It’s moist, fluffy, delicious and perfect for every occasion.

(Retail value of $4.99)

Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Liquid Soap

Pots and pans have nothing against this stuff. Made with naturally cleaning Soap Bark extract, it’s a powerful cleanser and degreaser with plenty of essential oils. Your sink dishes will thank you.

(Retail value of $3.99)

eSutras Organics Cocoa Vanilla Sugar

Putting regular sugar to shame, this organic cane sugar with vanilla and cocoa is perfect for sprinkling on brownies, ice cream, cake, or anything else you want to sweeten up a little.

(Retail value of $5.00)

Nature’s Path Love Crunch Granola

This bag of Dark Chocolate and Red Berries granola will sweeten any mood. Beyond the organic Italian chocolate, it also has flax seeds for essential fatty acids, so kick off your day with a bowl of love.

(Retail value of $4.49)

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