Kiss Your Heap of Unwanted Catalogs Goodbye


Poring over a glossy catalog while relaxing in the tub is luxurious, but all those mailers contribute to a glut of decomposing paper in landfills and deforestation for the sake of advertising the newest line of summer sundresses. Let’s make a pact to lessen or eliminate the amount of store catalogs we get in the mail, shall we? Catalog Choice is a free, easy-to-use website that will help get us started on the right foot.

Catalog Choice has over 1,700 companies in its database, all willing to stop sending you catalogs just for the asking. Just pop over to the site and enter the name of a retail company. If it’s listed in the database, you’ll get the company’s customer service phone number, links to its website and privacy policy, and an option to opt out of receiving future catalogs. For many companies it’s an all or nothing deal, but others will keep you on a seasonal or occasional “mail to” list if you like.

If you’re like me, it’s hard to give up the catalog habit cold turkey – everything just looks so slick and pretty! Fortunately, Catalog Choice has your back. In an agreement with many big retailers, you can flip through a digital copy of catalogs from Crate & Barrel, National Geographic Gift Store, and more, right online. Registered users can even bookmark catalogs for return visits, make wish lists, and share links right from the site.

So, let’s get ready to cut back on the dead tree versions of our favorite catalogs and free our mailboxes from being stuffed to the brim. Go!

Image: Vee Dub