Kristen Arnett’s Earth Day Natural Beauty Chat Roundup

Kristen Arnett Green Makeup Artist

On Earth Day, we hosted a Natural Beauty Chat on the EcoSalon Facebook page with celebrity green make-up artist and beauty expert, Kristen Arnett.

Kristen expertly fielded questions covering a wide range of beauty topics, from BB and CC creams to applying foundation, dealing with dark circles, to dry skin. In the event that  you missed it, we’ve got the recap here for you. After all, who can’t benefit from a little insider knowledge from an expert when it comes to cleaner, better beauty solutions?

Q: Laura: What do you recommend for morning puffy eyes?
A: Clairvoyant Beauty has a really nice Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel that is quite soothing and helps. Otherwise, just about anything cool and a light facial massage.

Q: Robin: Are there any secret potions to lengthen and thicken eyelashes? I saw a YouTube video with a girl saying to put petroleum jelly on your eyelashes to make them grow–but WE know that’s not safe. Any suggestions?
A:  Let me get up off the floor laughing first about how someone could actually make a video saying how petroleum would help eyelashes grow. Now, there are some products on the market that are more natural and promote lash growth, BUT this all depends on much of a purist you want to be with it. It really takes a science lab kind of thing to do that.

Q: Megan: I have combination skin that breaks out easy, is there a foundation that will keep an even tone (not shiny on my t-zone) and won’t mess with my skin ?
A: In my experience, most traditional makeup these days won’t cause pimples, rather irritations. So are you getting pimples or irritations from your makeup do you think? Most foundation lines these days are going to leave skin glowy, because that’s the modern look, then you can use a setting powder in the t-zone to take away extra shine.

Q: Sarah: I’ve already learned so much from your site about safe SPFs and BB creams. Do you have any advice for the best BB creams on a budget? Thank you!
A: I am going to step on some toes with this answer, but I honestly think you are better off not buying a BB cream. Just get the right products that are good for your skin and put them on layer by layer.  I did write this article hoping to offer some good background information on the subject as well.

Q: Marcella: I’m pretty bad at putting on foundation but do you have any tips for dry skin types and using foundation? I also have to work around small bumps (from stubborn acne scars) that I want covered.
A: First let me ask you, is your skin dry because you dry it out to control the acne or has it become dry on its own since you had acne? The reason I ask is that your skin is the first thing to address so you don’t have to wear so much makeup – but it also helps me determine what texture of foundation might be right for you.
Reader response: Ooh that’s a great question! I’m in my 20s right now and I have noticed my skin has become noticeably dryer. At least compared to my oily/teen-acne filled skin in the not-so-good old days. But actually, I don’t use any products to dry my acne out out. I normally use a light facial oil and sometimes a Konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation.

Q: Tricia:  Is there a particular brand of green skincare you recommend for sensitive/reactive skin?
A: To me ALL skin is sensitive and reactive so I really think it’s about keeping things very simple and trying it out in sample size first. Shall I just plug the heck out of Goodebox now – that’s the beauty of it. Low commitment sampling. You can check out this article for some great ideas on caring for sensitive skin.

Q: Sharon: What clean shampoo do you recommend that won’t leave my hair looking limp or oily?
A: Regarding a shampoo, that’s tricky without knowing your hair and skin type. Limp and oily comes from using a shampoo that leaves behind residue. I’ve had good luck with Neuma, Giovanni and the brands listed here.
Reader comment: I LOVE NEUMA….fab shampoos, conditioners and the mousse is to die for! They also make a great argan treatment. I just discovered Andalou Naturals. LOVE their argan and sweet orange shampoo. It smells like candy!

Q: Beth: What is the difference between BB and CC creams?
A: The thing about BB and CC creams is that they are multitasking formulas. What I’ve found is that I prefer CC creams to BB Creams. The one from Juice Beauty is actually really nice. CC creams are lighter and not as thick/chalky. I find it’s a bit less pigment than a tinted moisturizer however. Both formulas offer SPF protection.

Q: Nathalia: What primer and foundation do you use during photo shoots?
A: I don’t always use a primer on shoots – I think they are 80 percent unnecessary. For foundations, I really dabble between a variety of brands such as rms beauty,Vapour Organic Beauty, Alima Pure, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and W3LL PEOPLE.

Q: Barbara: Is there anything I can do about the dark, dark “circles” under my eyes? Besides just try to conceal them (which doesn’t really work)?
A: Dark circles can be related to so many things. Here’s an article about dark cirles that may be helpful.

Q: Lauren: How can I whiten discoloration on the back caused by acne scarring?
A: Your question about lightening acne scars is a good one, but to be honest there’s very few things that are truly effective which are natural. Depending on how dark the scar is laser might be the only option. If they are lighter, then fruit acids could work. Generally all acne scars will fade on their own over time. Remember, don’t pick at the pimples!

Q: Veronica: What can we use for glowing skin, any cream or milk? What do you recommend for a natural lip gloss? Can you give us a moisture cream recipe to make at home ?
A: You have quite a few questions that actually can be answered by more articles on Green Beauty Team, so I’ll direct you there and tell you that I have quite a few favorite natural lip glosses. It’s actually the most common natural product to find in the beauty market. Primitive Makeup, Juice Beauty, BITE Beauty, Dr.Hauschka,  and about 100 more brands make great ones.

Q: Stacey:  I’m in my mid-40s and would love a recommendation for an all-natural wrinkle cream. Thanks!
A: It really depends on your skin type and a whole variety of conditions that are unique to you. Obviously we have some great natural skin brands represented here such as Clairvoyant Beauty and Juice Beauty. I’m also a big fan of Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Food.  Some people just use coconut oil and call it good.

Q: Maria: Is there a tinted moisturizer with SPF that you could recommend for hot/humid Miami weather?
A: I have been to Florida and will say that a tinted moisturizer sounds torturous to me! That humidity would just make me feel as if I were melting. My suggestion: put your SPF on, then concealer under the eyes, and do mineral powder like Alima Pure over the rest of the face.

Q: Heather: Do you have makeup free days or low makeup days? If you just throw on a few products instead of a full face of makeup, what products do you use? Do you suggest them for everyone?
A: I have makeup free days ALL the time! Sometimes I forget to put makeup on before leaving the house, then it’s a mad dash to put something on at the last second. I fully support that women do not need to fully cover their faces! When you really want to go for it, there’s truly a myriad of brands out there to use that depend on the finish you’d most prefer. I do a lot of makeup lessons (both virtually and in person) for women in every walk of life (actresses, singers, moms, business women, teens, brides) and there’s not one formula that I give out.

Q: Lillian: Any recommendations for treating dry skin?
A: Dry skin is often related to internal imbalance (as is acne and oily skin). So check out a few of our articles on the topic. Maybe you are deficient in potassium, or maybe you just naturally have dry skin, or maybe it’s the weather…  see where I’m going with this?

Q: Jade: Have any favorite facial oils?
A: I have SO many facial oils that I love. Current obsessions include Kahina Giving Beauty, there are 3 bottles in my bathroom right now. The blend of oils (not just the argan) is really luscious and nourishing. I also like the toner which isn’t drying  and is great for more arid climates.  Other favorites include Josh Rosebrook, Dr. Alkaitis, May Lindstrom SKIN, and MUN.

Q: Abbie: I have a question about blush…what do you like better, cream or powder?
A: I am a BIG fan of cream blush, but to be honest I often layer them. So I’ll use something like a hot pink from Revolution Organics and then go over it with a bit of shimmery bronze powder – ever so lightly – the Alima Pure in Belize is nice.

Q: Zerlyn: Do you have recommendations for lightening some sun spots? I have some under my eyes, and no serum (natural or not) works.
A: Yes, you are kind of reiterating a point I made earlier about acne scars. It’s really tough to find skin care that is both totally natural and will lighten those pigmentation areas effectively. Actually, as you get older those spots get darker…so what the natural brands can do for you is keep things at bay and protect you from them getting worse. I’ve done a lot of sun damage in my youth, but I actively prevent it from showing up on my face now and if I accidentally get too much sun – those spots come right out.

A few final words of natural beauty wisdom from Kristen:

1) Your makeup will only look good if your skin looks good
2) Your skin only looks good if your body is healthy
3) Your body is only going to be healthy if you care for it and you believe you are worth that kind of care (which YOU ARE!). For more tips from experts on all of these points, please keep up with us at Green Beauty Team!