Let’s Talk About Sex…Eco-Sex, That Is: Live Sex Chat February 13th!


Join us for a sexy eco chat on Wednesday February 13th to ask all your sex questions and a chance to win a box of Sensuous Green Goodies provided by Goodebox!

No wilting roses or scandalized blushing here, ladies; it’s time to live in the 21st century and own our sexuality.  With that said, we also want to do it in a healthy, conscious manner.  You’ve likely heard about how readily our skin absorbs less than good for us ingredients from personal care products – body lotion, shampoo, shower gel, facial treatments, lipstick, and the like, but have you ever considered that the skin on our most personal parts is even more sensitive and absorbent?  Have you read the ingredients list on that bottle of lubricant or body massage oil? How about that spermicide on the condom? Have you considered what that little battery powered bullet of joy is made of?  Or thought about the impact your sheets, lingerie and other trappings of sensuality have on the planet?


Author of Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets ‘Sexpert’ Stefanie Iris Weiss certainly has, and she’s not afraid to share.  We all have questions when it comes to our love lives, from dating and marriage to love, lust and sex. It’s nice to have an expert to ask! With that in mind, and to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked Stefanie to join us for an hour of her time on Wednesday, February 13th, from 6-7 PM PST / 9-10 PM EST, for a live chat where everything’s fair game. (Although, please keep your questions respectful.)

Topics could include asking her recommendations about sexual toys and products, relationship questions, sex questions, general opinions and more. Stefanie will answer them as quickly as possible and any that are still lingering unanswered once the chat is over will be addressed in turn at her earliest convenience.

Participants can also enter to win a prize package of Sensuous Green Goodies provided by Goodebox, including a signed copy of Stefanie’s book, and products from brands including Blossom Organics, Erbaviva, John Master’s Organics, Sir Richard’s Condoms, Vapour Organic Beauty, Swipes, Revolution Organics, Persephenie and Metropolis Soap Company.  Three runners up will also win a Goodebox with samples of many of these products.

To join, simple respond to the EcoSalon Facebook Event Invitation as “attending”, complete the Giveaway Entry Form and be sure to be online at www.facebook.com/Ecosalon on Wednesday, February 13th, at 6pm Pacific time / 9pm Eastern time.  Only active participants in the Live Chat will be eligible to win a prize. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Have questions you want to keep anonymous? Email us: contact@goodebox.com before we’re live and we’ll ask Stefanie for you!

Image: NeoGaboX