Spread Some SuperLove This Valentine’s Day with Cashmere Eco Panties!

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SuperLove Cashmere Panties are handmade in Los Angeles out of upcycled cashmere sweaters. Cashmere is a deluxe fiber that acts as second skin, making these panties “like a hug for your bum,” as designer Theresa Roth says.

What’s the most comfortable, lavish and earth-friendly Valentine’s Day gift you could ever want or give? Read on and you’ll be adding SuperLove Cashmere Panties to the top of your list! These eco panties are the most luxurious underwear you could imagine, as their sexy cut, adjustable fit, comfort level and wearability make them the most appealing eco underwear out there. Made from upcycled cashmere, hand washable, and manufactured locally, SuperLove Casmhere Panties are the ideal green gift for any woman, or the perfect treat for pampering yourself. EcoSalon caught up with SuperLove designer and founder Theresa Roth to learn the story behind SuperLove, and hear all the reasons why these sustainable skivvies really are as lush as lingerie gets.


ES: How was SuperLove set up?

TR: SuperLove came about when my boyfriend and I were living in Malibu, which should be really warm and sunny but is actually cold and foggy, I kept saying ‘I wish I had a pair of cashmere panties.’ So I decided to make some! I took one of my cashmere sweaters that had a hole in the sleeve and made a couple pairs of panties. I started wearing them and telling people about how amazing they were and got such a good response. I made a test run of 50 pairs, which were beach themed, sold a lot of them and then decided to make a bunch for the 2012 holiday season.


ES: Are SuperLove Cashmere Panties form fitting? Are there different styles for different body shapes?

TR: They do have adjustable side ties because I really wanted to make sure that they would fit everyone. When you receive a pair of panties they are not tied, so when you put them on you tie them to your perfect size and then cut the excess string off. I do have more ideas for different styles and shapes and a lot of men want these too, so cashmere briefs are down the line.

ES: Where do you source your materials from?

TR: I buy the lace from a company in Alabama that sells all remnants and for the most part I hand dye the lace to get the colors that I want.

The cotton for the gusset is organic cotton purchased locally in LA, which I also dye myself.

I get the cashmere from various places, such as the Goodwill and a woman in upstate NY that has a barn full of cashmere. I did explore buying new cashmere but I don’t want to buy cashmere from China because I cant be sure how the cashmere was collected and what kind of manpower and processing was used, so I don’t want to contribute to that.


ES: What is the production process of a pair of SuperLove Cashmere Panties?

TR: I do everything except for the sewing. I source the cashmere, wash it, depill it, cut out the patterns that I designed. I also source the cotton for the gusset, and the lace trim, and dye them to get the colors I want. I then deliver all of this to the sewers who have the machine that works best with sewing cashmere.

ES: How durable are a pair of SuperLove panties?

TR: A cashmere sweater is supposed to last a lifetime with proper care. Most people don’t know that cashmere is washable, and most Americans take their cashmere to the dry cleaner, but my French friend turned me on to the fact that you can just wash cashmere by hand or put it on a cold, hand wash cycle in the washing machine.

eco underwear

ES: How would you define the SuperLove collection? 

TR: I think it is really fun since the panties are like a treat for yourself or a loved one because they feel so amazing when you put them on. When I first wore them I had this sassy feeling and a small hop in my step because I was doing something really luxurious and good for myself.

ES: Where does the name SuperLove come from?

TR: It’s pretty funny. I always wanted a great big love in my life. Before I met my life partner Bradford, I used to say I’m holding out for my “super love,” and so that’s where the name came from.

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ES: How much interest have you received in SuperLove Panties?

TR: Surprisingly enough, 85 percent of my Christmas orders and Valentine’s orders are from men. When I worked in the lingerie business I would see this thing happen: a guy would come in to buy a gift for his significant other and would always go for the red lace teddy or thong. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a red lace thong…no woman ever buys that for herself. So, a few days later the woman would come back to return the thong and the man sometimes even got into trouble for getting this sexy gift. So these cashmere panties are a sexy gift that’s really sweet and doesn’t get you in trouble! I was actually very touched by a lot of the men that bought Super Love panties this holiday season, because all these guys were just trying to get it right, which was really awesome.


ES: How sustainable would you say SuperLove Cashmere Panties are?

TR: I’m glad that I’m helping to make something new out of something old and keeping these sweaters from landfill, but on the other hand I don’t know how scalable this is. But I’m inspired to do more with less and so I think about what I can do with something that someone else has given or thrown away. I didn’t start trying to make this business a sustainable one, but through doing it this way I really learned a lot about awareness and how much people care about the Earth and things being sustainable.

Cashmere as a fabric is very strong and provides insulation without bulk, but so many people aren’t familiar with cashmere and they think it’s itchy or hot. Cashmere is kind of like a second skin. The cashmere goats aren’t harmed during harvest, because the cashmere comes from the belly of the goat, which re-grows every 4 years. The goats also eat natural shrubs in their indigenous area, so it’s really a sustainable fiber if the animals are raised well.


ES: What can we expect in the future from SuperLove?

TR: The next thing will probably be the cashmere thong because they can be one size fits all and are super comfortable. I am going to do some other items as well like a top and even a boxer short that could be worn out in the summer time. In terms of working with cashmere, there’s no end to it; a bodysuit, a camisole, a bralette…the possibilities are endless.

I’m also going to spin it off and do a t-shirt line that brings awareness to sustainable living, so I’m in the middle of sourcing materials for that. I’ll be using recycled materials and doing all my own silk-screening. So a SuperLove cotton t-shirt line is up next!

ES: Thanks Theresa and good luck with everything!

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Images: SuperLove