Link Love: Chinchilla Freedom + Solar Windows + Topshop’s Latest Recycled Collection


This week’s Link Love is full of inspiration: from solar-powered windows, to a man buying a chinchilla farm to free the animals to gorgeous recycled styles from Topshop.

Guy walks into a fur farm and…buys the place so he can free all the animals? Hells yes. [via Ecorazzi]

See-through solar cells could turn your windows into power stations [via Grist]

Fecal transplants are real, and yes, technically a medical thing. [via Organic Authority]

Ha. Thanks, Clickhole. These Iggy Azalea gifs are the bee’s knees. [via Clickhole]

Britian’s Topshop has launched its latest recycled collection, and it’s awesome. [via Ecouterre]

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Image via Topshop