Link Love: DIY Wintery Lotion + A Pay-By-The-Minute Café + Seinfeld’s Return


This week’s Link Love is so warm and cozy it should keep your mind off the Polar Vortex for a little while. xo

Start warming up with this super lux DIY recipe for a “Winter Wonder Hand Cream” from esthetician and beauty expert Jessica Bartley. [via Well + Good NYC]

Has the Digital Age robbed us of our ability to have good conversations anymore? An MIT psychologist tries to slow us down and revert us back to the dying art of dialogue. [via The Atlantic]

What a way to spend a day…a café that charges you by the minute, not by the menu item. How quaint and new-world at the same time. [via Grist]

Oh, there’s nothing like spending a cold winter’s day contemplating the ambiguity of our diet options, Neal Pollack style. [via Dark Rye]

They’re back…Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are teaming up again for something, er, rather, I think that’s nothing. [via A.V. Club]

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