Link Love: Ikea Saves Space + Secrets of Coffee Pods + Vaccines by the Numbers


This week’s Link Love is all about things we have a love/hate relationship with. From Ikea to energy bars and soda, coffee pods, cleaning out our closets for spring, and oh yes, vaccines.

Have a love/hate relationship with Ikea? Who doesn’t. But their new space-saving line might lean you more towards love. [via Inhabitat]

Speaking of love/hate…nutrition bar, anyone? We eat ’em because they’re easy But some are way better than others. [via Well+Good NYC]

Your coffee pod’s dirty secret. [via Mother Jones]

Finally (we hope!), the time has come to ditch the sweaters and salt-stained boots and make way for a whole new season. [via Elle]

SodaStream International has entered into an unfortunate strategic alliance with Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand. [via Eat Drink Better]

Vaccines by the numbers. [via Mommy Greenest]

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