Link Love: Moby on Veganism + Quinoa Milk! + The Roos in Your Shoes + The Kimye Spoofs

vogue spoof

This week’s Link Love we get a reminder from Moby on the most important reason for going vegan, a recipe for delicious vegan quinoa milk, bad news if you love kangaroos and Nike shoes and Juicy Couture founders latest venture.

Musician Moby gives us a reminder as to what choosing vegan really means. [via Eat Drink Better]

OMG It’s Quinoa Milk! [via Well+Good NYC]

Oh, those are just kangaroos…in your Nike shoes? Yep. [via GirlieGirl Army]

Meet Pam and Gela: A New Line from the Founders of Juicy Couture. [via Glamour]

We can’t get enough of the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue magazine cover spoofs. [via Mashable]

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