Link Love: Rent-a-Wife, A Real Look at Water Use and The Importance of Being Bored

A round-up of what we’re reading right now.

Too busy for chores? Don’t worry, there’s Rent-a-Wife for that. [Via: Ethical Ocean]

How much water do we really use? You might be surprised. And not in a good way. [Via: TakePart]

If you’re into enjoying the sun, you might want to consider making one of these DIY summer hammocks. [Via: Gardenista]

Get hip and throw a Scandinavian sandwich party, your friends will thank you. [Via: Bon Appetit]

Inspire your own creativity; take time to be bored. [Via: The 99 Percent]

A simple video guide to what Rio+20 is all about. [Via: The Nation]

Celebrate in the fact that the younger generation knows a thing or too about being good people. At least some of them. [Via: The Frisky]

The beginning of summer means the beginning of travel season. Make sure you’re a good traveler. No wait, a really good one. [Via: National Geographic]

Image: x-ray delta one

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