Link Love: Stopping Abortion With Deadly Force, Teaching Creativity and 20 Irrational Fears About Beauty

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

A fancy men’s-only golf club finally opens to females, here is why that is important and why you should care.  [Via LearnVest]

Animals and natural environments are clear victims of climate change, but talking about that in zoos and aquariums takes tact. [Via New York Times]

A sheriff candidate in New Hampshire says he would be willing to use deadly force to stop an abortion. Because that makes sense. [Via The Frisky]

Tiny houses really do make us swoon. [Via Tiny House Swoon]

Can creativity be taught? A Stanford professor weighs in on what it takes to unleash your creative potential. [Via 99u]

We’ve been told a lot as women, especially when it comes to beauty. But a lot of those things are completely and utterly irrational. Here are 20 of then. [Via The Hairpin]

Want to be all awesome all the time? You can, if you power up your brain. [Via Lifehacker]

90 Days, 90 Reasons: in case you needed a reminder of who to vote for this election cycle. [Via 90 Days 90 Reasons]

A desktop garden? This should certainly make you more productive. [Via Gardenista]

Women in Afghanistan have gotten far in the last decade, but as the international community pulls out, those gains are at serious risk. [Via NPR]

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