Link Love: Urban Foraging Gets Easier + Work Out in White + Fiona Apple is Now a Superhero?

fiona apple

This week’s link love features some style tips for wearing white to the gym, awesome news for cyclists in LA and just how many people are vaccinating their children.

What do you wear when working out? Get some tips on how to workout wearing whites. It’s totally possible. [via Well+GoodNYC]

These awesome crowdsourced maps make urban foraging safer and easier. [via Eat Drink Better]

Los Angeles now has a designated bike district. And it’s awesome. [via Treehugger]

This interactive map shows you just how many people aren’t vaccinating their children in your state. [via Mother Jones]

We’re not sure we understand. But we’re sure we love it. Fiona Apple to appear in a French TV show about superheroes. [via Pitchfork]

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