Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend

Living plant jewelry is a beautiful addition to any eco-conscious wardrobe. Crafted from plants – both currently alive and formerly living – this botanical jewelry is perfect for the nature lover in us all.

Have you ever dreamed of taking a little piece of nature with you everywhere you go? Then look no further than the organic jewelry being offered by this talented group of designers.

Some of these pieces will last for weeks, while others will last for months, or maybe even years with the proper care. And the best part is that you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep these tiny plants alive and well.

Succulent Necklace

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Stunning Statement Necklace from Passion Flower Made; $98

This stunning succulent necklace from Passionflower Made would be a gorgeous and versatile statement piece for a variety of occasions. Perfect for weddings, brides and bridesmaids would look dreamy in these unique, made-to-order necklaces. Donning this to a cocktail party or wearing atop your favorite white tee and jeans would look equally as lovely. Not only are these tiny succulents thriving, but they can also be replanted when they’ve met their shelf life. Made from brass, the base to this necklace can be refilled by the shop owner when mailed back.

Terrarium Necklace

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Tusk Terrarium Necklace from With Roots; $55

This tusk-shaped terrarium necklace from With Roots has longevity covered. With the proper care this pendant is actually self-sustaining. Due to its design, the enclosed tusk creates a greenhouse effect and produces condensation to keep the moss moist from exposure to the sun. As stylish as it is eco-friendly, this necklace is definitely one worth springing for.

Geometric Necklace

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Wearable Planter No. 3 from Wearable Planter; $39

This adorably tiny planter necklace is just the thing to hold those itty bitty wildflowers and succulent clippings. Designed by the store’s owner in CAD and then materialized with the use of a 3D printer, these are the perfect mix of granola and high-tech. In addition to their excellent planting and how to wear tutorials, Wearable Planter also has geometric design down to a science.

Succulent Earrings

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Succulent Earrings from Passionflower Made; $38

Another gorgeous offering from Passionflower Made, these succulent earrings are actually quite practical for the everyday wardrobe. Whether you wear them to the park or a party, just be sure to get in as much time as possible over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Even more sentimental if worn for a special occasion, the planted clippings eventually transform into a beautiful house plant that will serve as a reminder of the great time that was had.

Dried Flower Earrings

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Colorful Flower Earrings from Chus Craft; $25

Try on these colorful beauties from Chus Craft and proudly display your affinity for flowers and nature. These woodland style earrings are made with real preserved flower petals from daisies, forget-me-nots, or globe amaranths, and will add a pop of color to any outfit. With an antique brass ear hoop, they also have a strong vintage vibe.

Succulent Bracelet

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Succulent Bracelet from Passionflower Made; $98

Yet another masterpiece from Passionflower Made is this gorgeous succulent bracelet designed to make you the talk of the party everywhere you go. With a medley of jade, sea foam, amethyst, and lilac, this multicolored beauty has the power to transform and enliven even the most mundane of ensembles.

Resin Leaf Bracelet

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Green Leaf Bracelet from ALOTS/S; $35.80

Created with real green leaves and resin, this gold plated bracelet from ALOTS/S is definitely a classy piece of arm candy. With a beautiful modern vibe and organic touch, this bracelet is appropriate for everyday wear.

Air Plant Ring

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Mini Air Plant Ring from Recologies; Price Upon Request

This miniature cocktail ring from Recologies is equipped with an air plant that requires nothing more than a bit of water, a little sun, and ample oxygen to survive. If this isn’t kill proof, then I don’t know what is. These plants are said to be hand grown in the bonsai miniature tradition and varies slightly from piece to piece due to its organic nature. Another plus is that this adjustable cutie would look great with just about everything, and is the perfect ice breaker at an awkward party or stuffy dinner.

Geometric Ring

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Diamond Wearable Planter Ring from Wearable Planters; $20

Say “I do” to this diamond shaped planter ring. Another cool and useful offering from Wearable Planter, this bauble, reminiscent of the colors that are pop art, is ready to be the new home of the tiny plant clipping of your choice. Not exactly sure what to use? Then follow their helpful guidelines here.

Planter Brooch

Living Plant Jewelry: A Budding New Trend
Wearable Planter Lapel Pin from Wearable Planter; $37

If you’re a nature lover, then wear your heart on your lapel with this mini planter brooch from Wearable Planter. Designed and created just like their other planter products, this tech savvy pin actually uses magnets in order to preserve your clothes. Add your own plant clippings and affix this brooch to your favorite blouse or handbag.

After taking a look at our living plant jewelry roundup, we want to hear from you, dear readers. Would you purchase living plant jewelry, even if that meant it wouldn’t last forever? How do you feel about this trend – hot or not? Take a minute and share your thoughts on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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Image of Planter Necklace via Wearable Planter

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