May the Force be…Dry Clean Only? Rodarte Debuts ‘Star Wars’ Dresses (and They’re Amazing)

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JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars” may not be hitting the big screen until December 2015, but that doesn’t make the newest Rodarte collection any less awesome. Er, rather, any less full of the force.

Debuting at Rodarte’s fall 2014 fashion show in New York City, the new collection has geeks and Jedis from galaxies near and far, far away drooling on their droids.


Rodarte’s visionary sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, are clearly “Star Wars” fans, which inspired the couture dresses that feature the iconic characters Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, and of course, Yoda. (Because size matters not, the master dress in flowy couture style, he would.)


The high fashion label worked with Disney, which in case you forgot, now owns the massive Lucasfilm empire. The New York Post reports that George Lucas was spotted at the Rodarte autumn/winter 2012 show in New York alongside Queen Padmé Amidala herself (also known as actress Natalie Portman), which was likely where the idea was born (like twins of a Jedi master and a Queen…).

But don’t break open your Ewok piggy bank just yet, the Rodarte “Star Wars” dresses aren’t likely to be available any time soon. They’re reportedly only available for photo shoots and exhibits happening later this year. The rest of us will just have to stick with our “Star Wars” curtains and bed sheets. And, no, guys, Rodarte doesn’t appear to have any plans to recreate Leia’s gold bikini. So, put your light sabers away for now.

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