Mod Men: Inside Roger Sterling’s Office

“Roger says the meeting’s going to be in his office.”

Last week we questioned whether or not we’d be taking a peek into Betty’s boudoir in season five’s latest episode entitled Tea Leaves. Viewers soon surmised that not much was happening on that front, in terms of mid-century modern forward-thinking design, that is. Roger Sterling’s lair, meanwhile, is as varnished as he is: white and resplendent, mirroring the silver fox.

At the very least, his office is on trend, like ketchup and the Rolling Stones.

This is called the Time-Life executive chair because it was created for the modern lobbies of the building of the same name in 1960.

From Pacific Furnishings.

The coffee and side tables from Saarinen’s pedestal collection. The line was introduced in 1956 and won Finnish-born Eero Saarinen the 1969 Museum of Modern Art Award.

Available from Hive.

Also by Saarinen, the tulip stool on a swivel base.

Via Viaduct.

The Nesso table lamp is one of the most famous lamps from the 1960s & 70s, included in the Design Collection of the Museum Of Modern Art.

From All Modern.

The Eames Compact Sofa from Herman Miller is a minimalist mid-century classic. Scaled for executive suites and lounges and perfect for sleeping off a three-martini lunch.

Seen here in red, from Herman Miller.

Roger’s paintings were created by the Mad Men art department in style of Op artist Bridget Riley. The Op Art movement was a form of geometric abstraction. Riley has said of her work, often characterized as “impersonal” and unrelated to the real world:

“I couldn’t get near what I wanted through seeing, recognizing and recreating, so I stood the problem on its head. I started studying squares, rectangles, triangles and the sensations they give rise to…”

Image of Riley in her studio during the 1960s via The Telegraph.

Stating the obvious, Roger’s office wouldn’t be complete without a beverage cart.

In this case, a contemporary cart sourced from The Well Appointed House.

Next week, will we see Peggy outside of the office ever again?

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.