We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of ‘Nasty Woman’ Loot, ‘Cause that’s How We Roll

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that's Just How We Roll

Retailers have turned Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” comment into tangible pieces of merchandise that hold a surprisingly empowering place in presidential debate history.

Donald Trump once again proved that making it through a 90-minute debate without looking like a complete douchebag is akin to spitting into the wind, where the stupid rhetoric he spews is only going to come back and smack him. Right.In.The.Face.

During the third and final presidential debate, Trump initially proclaimed that no one respected women more than him, only to go on to call opponent Hillary Clinton, “such a nasty woman.” (Queue the horrified gasps and looks of utter disbelief.)

As soon as Americans collected their jaws off the floor, and regained their composure, they did what this country does best. This condescending and defamatory vitriol was turned from the most tart, lip-pursing lemon you’ve ever tasted, into the sweetest, go-f*ck-yourself glass of lemonade.

Aaaah, so refreshing.

“Nasty woman,” a blow that Trump spouted out in his signature careless manner, has now become fodder for the masses, and pure motivational gold for female voters. As if you needed any before this happened.

Capitalizing on his cantankerous remarks, retailers have made it possible for you to wear this message like a badge of honor — because, let’s be real, that’s exactly what it is. Whether you choose to wear a t-shirt to the polls for early voting, or decide to incorporate the decor at home for the celebratory party you throw after Clinton smokes his ass, this is merchandise worth springing for. Girl, it’s time to treat yo self!

For all of the nasty women, otherwise known as the strong, beautiful females (yes, all of you) who not only get shit done, but who also vote, and secretly plot to take over the world in their spare time — this is for you.

1. T-Shirt

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

You watched, you cringed, now buy the t-shirt. Nasty Woman + Co. pioneered the #NastyWoman merchandise movement just one day after the debate, and offer #DumpTrump supporters the opportunity to purchase a stylish tee emblazoned with the message. Whether you want to be the original nasty woman, a nasty woman who gets shit done, or a nasty woman who votes, they’ve got your bases covered. The best part? Proceeds, aside from the cost of making, printing, and packing and shipping the shirts, go to Planned Parenthood (20k raised so far) and RAINN (5k raised so far).  

2. Button

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

Accessorize any outfit with a dash of nasty woman attitude with this wear-anywhere button. It’s cute, it’s affordable, and 50 percent of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Here’s an idea — buy a bunch for your girlfriends and make a day of voting together. Definite #squadgoals.

3. Wall Art

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

If you need a reminder that you’re a nasty woman, then hang this print in your home office, or even your cubicle. Use it as inspiration for those times when you might be feeling unsure, or need that extra confidence booster. It’s a great way to remember that women can do anything, even in the face of adversity.

4. Pillowcases

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

If you ask me, there couldn’t be a better way to bring politics into the bedroom, especially if you’re nasty. Whether you relate this to your love life, or the words of affirmation you desire before drifting off to sleep, it just goes to show that no place is off limits when it comes to getting what you want.

5. Mug

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

Everyone knows that nasty women get even more shit done after their morning cup of coffee or tea. Remember to slay the day each and every morning by pouring your favorite caffeinated brew into a mug just like this one.

6. Embroidery

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

Dotted with the perfect amount of patriotism, this red, white, and blue piece of embroidered empowerment would be a welcome piece of decor in any feminist’s house. Display it alone, or next to your homemade dartboard featuring Donald Trump’s face. Bullseye!

7. Tank

We Get Our Sh*t Done With Lots of “Nasty Woman” Loot, Cause that’s Just How We Roll

Sweat it out at the gym, and turn heads at the same time in this tank that shows the boys who’s really next in line for becoming leader of the free world. This is the perfect motivational tool for pumping iron in the mirror, or simply stepping out for some errands in your athleisure.

The message that’s been spun from this blunder is a great one, don’t get me wrong, but even more important than buying the merch is getting your nasty self down to the voting polls. I’ve already cast mine, and suggest you do the same. As always, let us know what you think of this #nastywoman loot on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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Image of Mug via Aceti Design Co.

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