No More Disposable Feminine Products! Dear Kate Underwear is Kinder to You, the Planet and Your Wallet

Dear Kate underwear

Being a girl isn’t all oversized sunglasses and crop tops. Each month we’re blessed with the “period woes” and all their inconvenient glory. Pads, panty-liners, and tampons… so much waste! What if there was a way to treat our planet better while also making our monthly visit a bit more bearable? That’s where environmentally conscious Dear Kate underwear comes in with its anti-leak undies that can help minimize the abundant use of feminine hygiene products.

Most of us have “those” pairs of underwear that we shamefully shove to the deep, dark corners of our undie drawer, reserved for that week where any sudden movement can spur some extra flow …if you know what I mean. (Too cringe-worthy to even think about, I know.) Luckily, Dear Kate has come to save us from the stained-undie wreckage and overflow of environmentally hazardous feminine products.

Founder Julie Sygiel, a chemical engineer by trade, empathized with women and set out to relieve us of those embarrassing surprises and relieve us of those wretched “period undies.”

Made in NYC, Dear Kate underwear is constructed of three breathable layers of patent-pending microfiber material that feels as soft as silk. One layer wicks away liquid, while the second encompasses stain-releasing powers. The third layer, or outer layer, is leak resistant so you can relax & wear a pair of white pants if you so desire!

The best part about Dear Kate is that you don’t have to sacrifice being (or feeling) sexy because the undies are actually really cute. Plus, the eco advantage is that we can cut way down on the use of feminine products! That means fewer panty liners loitering around in landfills. Seriously, isn’t that amazing?

This brand has done its research too. Dear Kate concluded that about 730 panty liners could be prevented from going into landfills per year per woman if she wears Dear Kate instead of using two liners a day. While it is still smart to protect yourself with a tampon or pad, these are a perfect back-up, especially on heavier days. On light days, let’s just say you can remain worry-free. Another fantastic tidbit is that the undies are machine-washable, so you can reuse, reuse, reuse!

Dear Kate underwear comes in all sizes from extra small to 3x and also offer a variety of cuts such as bikini, cheeky, hipster, and even thong (gasp!). Not too harsh on your wallet either–prices range from $32 for one pair to $164 for a set of six undies.

Eco-friendly, but also eco-sexy, us gals can take back our periods and still feel amazing while we give back to Mother Earth. Dear Kate has given us the girl-power to keep the feminine revolution going strong month after month with some pretty freaking awesome underwear.

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