HelloFlo: The Best Tampon Commercial Ever


HelloFlo unleashes the best tampon commercial in the world.

Everything is right about this commercial from HelloFlo, the monthly subscription service for girls.

There’s the girl desperate to grow up and fit in with her friends, the mom’s inspired First Moon party as punishment for daughter faking her period, the guy who shows up with coffee filters—it’s all just amazing.

If there were Emmy Awards for best actor in a commercial, I would nominate both mom and daughter.

However, as some of us inch away from the “new to the whole period thing” phase of life and closer to menopause, I suggest that HelloFlo introduce a new care package to its family: Farewell Flo!

Users can sign up to receive shipments of tampons, lube, chocolate, pads specifically designed for those hearty coughs and laughs that lead to pee leaks, herbal supplements and soothing teas. The starter kit also will also include a portable fan and a calendar that you can throw away immediately upon receipt.

Shipments will arrive sporadically at the most inopportune moments (just like your period will).

I first fell in love with HelloFlo last summer when the company released its ad, “The Camp Gyno.” In it, the first girl to get her period rules her summer camp and awesomely refers to her period as, “The Red Badge of Courage,” and to HelloFlo’s care packages as, “Santa for your vagina.”

What’s amazing about both of these ads is that they turn periods from something gross or scary into a brag-worthy rite of passage. The girls are owning their bodies from a young age, which is incredibly powerful.

More than that, we see girls talking to one another about their bodies using real words for their body parts—but still sounding and looking like real adolescents, eye rolls and all.

Note to the genius team handling marketing for HelloFlo, I’m serious. Tweet me: @LibbyLowe

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