Yellowberry: Age-Appropriate Lingerie for the Little Ladies


Discover Yellowberry, an awesome new collection of cotton bras for girls aged 11-15.

And even more awesome is the fact that Yellowberry founder Megan Grassell is only 18 years old. She came up with the idea for setting up this company when the lack of age-appropriate lingerie for pre-teens and young teenagers hit her in the face on a shopping trip with her 13-year old sister. The two girls “came across the same thing at every store: push-up features, underwires, and padding that were all part of the standard to make a girl “grow” two cup sizes.” But this didn’t fit with Megan’s view of how a young girl should gain confidence and maturity, so she set upon offering up a wholesome, comfortable and age-appropriate option.

yellowberr bras

Despite the discouraging attitudes of many adults around her, Megan pursued her idea by working with seamstresses in her hometown of Jackson, Wyoming to develop a bra prototype to send to a manufacturer in LA. A few months later, in March 2014, she set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, and received nearly double the amount of her $25,000 goal in less than 30 days. In fact, Megan’s campaign hit the mark for the most successful crowdfunding campaign for a lingerie or underwear start-up to date.

yellowberry sweetheart

Yellowberry is now an established brand with an online store featuring a collection of 4 cotton bras designed for a young girl transitioning from undershirts to t-shirt and padded bras. With cute names like “Tweetheart” and “Tiny Teton”, these bras are personable, bright, fun and easy to wear, helping adolescent girls in a critical time develop self-confidence, body awareness and independence. The authentic marketing tactics and heartfelt mission Megan has set out on make Yellowberry unique and genuine, as was realized by her 1,000 Kickstarter campaign supporters.

yellowberry bra

The name Yellowberry carries a symbolic meaning that Megan compares to a transitional time in a girls’ life. “Think about a berry before you pick it,” Megan says. “It’s still yellow. It’s not yet ripe. It has to go through certain stages until it is ripe. And you can’t rush those stages because they are what will eventually create a beautiful berry.” Although college is next on Megan’s to-do list, she will continue the business development of Yellowberry with her mother, with the plan of offering underwear choices in the next collection.

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