5 Natural Ways to Tighten Up Down There: No More Kegels!

Tighten vaginal muscles

Sick of using kegels to tighten and strengthen your vaginal muscles? Give these 5 cheap and easy treatments and exercises a try instead.

Whether it’s to make sex a more enjoyable experience, to treat a medical condition, or to return to pre-child-bearing status, tightening the vagina is on the radar for many women. There are plenty of myths for why one would end up with a “loose” vagina, but having a lot of sex –with someone who is generously endowed, no less – is not one. So, don’t assume you must refrain from sex to tighten up down there. Instead, try any one or combination or the following safe, cheap, and non-surgical ways to tighten vaginal muscles (you can thank me later).

You don’t need to invest in expensive surgical procedures or laser treatments to rejuvenate, tighten, and strengthen your vagina. Before you go in that direction, first expend all of your natural resources. There is more to vaginal tightening than kegel exercises alone. Here are 5 exercises, herbs, and products to help you tighten you vaginal muscles.

5 Ways to Tighten Vaginal Muscles

1. Squats

Boost your derriere and constrict your vaginal muscles with squats! This free treatment does a great job in engaging your vaginal muscles, but it’s important to do them right in order to achieve results.

To perform squats safely and correctly, follow these instructions:

  1. Extend your arms straight out in front of you so that they are at shoulder level.
  2. Use hips to lower your butt down, bending your knees as if you are about to sit on a chair. Keep most of your weight on your heels. Your hips should be parallel to the floor and your knees extended as far as the tips of your toes.
  3. Slowly bring yourself back up into standing position.
  4. Repeat three sets of 20 a few times per week.

2. Pueraria Mirifica

Say what? Pueraria mirifica is plant found in Thailand and Myanmar that is known as an herbal estrogen replacement therapy. The herb has shown an ability to thicken vaginal walls and strengthen vaginal muscles. It has also been shown to reduce vaginal dryness. (Always consult with your primary care physician before beginning a round of herbal treatment.)

3. Curcuma Comosa

Also an herbal remedy, curcuma comosa is a flowering plant of the ginger family that is native to Asia. Curcuma comosa has anti-inflammatory properties and contains phytoestrogen that repairs vaginal prolapse and reduces dryness.

4. V-Tight Gel

One of the most popular vaginal tightening gels on the market is V-Tight Gel. It is a cream that claims to fix vaginal looseness by tightening the skin and the vaginal walls. It also claims to work within a few minutes. V-Tight Gel is made with natural ingredients, including Manjakani extract, arginine, witch hazel leaf extract, and citric acid, making it a better option among many of the artificial, toxic products out there.

5. Vaginal Props

After giving birth, the pelvic floor stretches and gets weaker. The muscles in the area simply don’t perform at their optimum. This can result in incontinence and reduced sensation during sex. When kegels and squats just aren’t cutting it alone, turn to vaginal props. What is a vaginal prop exactly? It’s a made-for-purpose prop that you put into the opening of your vagina so that the muscles tighten around it and thus grow stronger. Over time, you graduate to smaller, heavier props as your vaginal muscles become tighter and stronger. These Ben Wa Balls are vaginal props that you insert while performing kegels for quicker results.

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