Not Your Typical College Checklist: Know a School’s Sexual Culture Before Saying Yes

Know your college's sexual culture.

You’ve made your college checklist and you think you’ve found the school that has it all; a gorgeous campus, great student activities program, and the major you’ve always dreamed of earning. But have you check out the school’s sexual culture? Before you say yes to that acceptance letter, consider the following about your soon-to-be school first.

1. Is the campus LGBTQ friendly?

If you are questioning, this is a big one to consider. Hell, if you’re straight, this is still something to consider. In general, if a college has a strong, positive LGBTQ community, the campus will be more tolerant. Check to see if your college has LGBTQ meetings, health services, groups, etc.

2. Is contraception available?

Sure, your school may hand out condoms like they’re candy, but does student health services also provide other forms of birth control? Check to see if you’ll have access to pills, IUDs, etc. Also: Research how to school would handle a potential pregnancy. If you do get pregnant, you want to be certain that you have access to abortion or childcare services.

3. What type of sexual health education is provided?

This could include things like a sex-centered freshman orientation class, and sexual health classes, courses, and workshops.

4. How does the school handle sexual assault?

This is a big one. Research how the school handles sexual assault in general. Is there a sexual health educator on campus? Does the school have a history of unresolved sexual assault cases? Also: This would be a good time to check out the “student” culture. Who is in charge of the parties? If it’s a male-centered party school, you need to consider that variable. Also: Check out if there’s a lot of pressure to drink or hook up among students.

For more sexual culture questions to consider, check out this incredibly comprehensive and interesting article from Rookie.

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