5 Common Causes of Brain Fog and How to Clear It Up

5 Causes of Brain Fog and How to Clear Up

Has your mind seemed as cloudy as those winter skies lately? Comes with the territory. Learn how to clear up brain fog and bring back some shiny thinking.

Mental fatigue, brain drain, fuzzy head, cloudy thinking. Sound familiar? You don’t have to live with brain fog. There are simple and effective ways to clear the mind. Let’s take a look at common causes of a muddy mind and what to do about them.

Causes of Brain Fog and How to Clear Up

1 Sleep and Stress // Let’s start with the most obvious. If you are short on sleep or overly stressed, brain fog is an almost guarantee. Sleep bolsters our resilience and sharpens the mind. But even if you are catching proper Zzzs, stress can drain its benefits. Try meditation, journaling, or sharing with someone you trust.

2 Hormones // Yes, we have to go there. Hormones keep our bodies balanced and running smoothly. When in balance we don’t even think about them. Once they go out of balance, we take notice. Pregnancy, PMS, and menopause can all wreak havoc with our bodies and minds. If you suspect hormones are the culprit of your brain fog, talk to your doctor about possible remedies and try our tips to regulating hormones naturally.

3 Diet and Exercise // One of the easiest ways to bring ourselves back into balance, and this includes the mind too, is with diet. Eating fresh, organic, minimally-processed foods keeps body and mind happy and healthy. Keep in mind that low blood sugar rebounds leave the body and mind sapped. Eating healthy protein throughout the day, plus laying off sugar and caffeine, will keep blood sugar levels in check. And you may not feel like working out when you feel sluggish, but it will boost energy and mood. Give yourself a personal pep rally and get moving.

4 Screen Time // If you have kids you’ve likely noticed what too much screen time does to their mood. Grumpiness and irritation are not exclusive to the younger age bracket here. Set specific times to check email and messages, and schedule a time to turn your phone off (or at least put it out of reach) each evening. Research shows that not only does screen usage at bedtime make it more difficult to fall asleep, but affects your energy and awareness the next day.

5 Allergies // Yes, you can experience allergies in the winter too. Mold and dust can cause similar symptoms to spring and fall allergies; headache, stuffiness, eye irritation, and fuzzy head. Try rinsing your nose with a neti bottle and using a humidifier in your home.

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