Ecosalon Recipes: Not Your College Boyfriend’s Trail Mix


Trail mix – remember that? (Or perhaps you’re trying to forget.)

It’s a snack with a pretty bad reputation, conjuring up images of greasy plastic bags, salty peanuts, Chex, chocolate chips, and the aforementioned college boyfriend. Fortunately, those days are long since past. We’re green goddesses and deserve nature’s best, so let me show you how to take trail mix to a higher level.

I vary my mixture depending on what’s organic and available, but here’s my ultra indulgent blend:

- I start with pumpkin and sunflower seeds as a base. These make up at about 1/3 to 1/2 of the mixture.
-Next I’ll add tree nuts like almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and walnuts. I chop them in half so they’re proportionate in size to the seeds. Don’t be shy to add pecans, macadamia or hazelnuts if you like.
-Then the sweetness of exotic fruit. Dried cherries, papaya, pineapple, figs, cranberries, mango – you get the picture. Chop these into smaller pieces too.
 -The final decadent touch: cacao nibs. That way you’ll get the chocolate rush without the sugar of chocolate chips.

Just like a man, a little goes a long way with a high-powered blend like this. A few mouthfuls will satisfy as breakfast, a snack and dessert too. Go goddess, go!

Image: sndrspk