Organic Beauty Talk Creator Launches Lifestyle Magazine

Organic Beauty Talk Brandie Gilliam Launches Thoughtfully Magazine

We love beauty, we love magazines, we love organics. But truly, there has been a lack of organic beauty magazines that cover the whole aspect of glamorous healthy living. Brandie Gilliam of Organic Beauty Talk tells us how her new magazine, Thoughtfully, fills that void. 

Green gals everywhere are familiar with online organic beauty hot spot Organic Beauty Talk. Hey, we listed the site as one of the 10 best beauty blogs, so you know it has to be good!

OBT founder Brandie Gilliam knows her clean living stuff. That is what makes her latest venture so exciting. The launch of the brand new lifestyle magazine, Thoughtfully, covers all aspects of healthy living. And it comes in both print and digital formats. Pretty sweet.

Want to know more? Us too. That’s why we interviewed Brandie for all the juicy deets on her new mag.

Organic Beauty Talk Brandie Gilliam

Liz Thompson: You’ve been offering green beauty advice on Organic Beauty Talk for a few years now. Where did you get the inspiration for a print magazine?

Brandie Gilliam: I always saw the potential and need for a magazine like Thoughtfully. Over the years, I dreamed of going to the newsstands and finding a magazine that not only inspired me informationally but creatively as well. I also longed for a really gorgeous looking magazine where all of the beauty products were non-toxic, and that was more well-rounded in its approach to living. In September of 2014, it just hit one day and I had an AHA moment. The very thing I wanted to see, it occurred to me to just do it myself. And so I did. In a matter of a few months, Thoughtfully Magazine was conceived and born. I’m so grateful to the individuals who were a part of Issue 1 and trusted in my vision.

LT: Where can we get our hands on Thoughtfully?

BG: You can now find Issue 1 of Thoughtfully Magazine at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide as well as some really great boutiques (see our full Stockists list). And of course, you can order Thoughtfully in both print and digital versions directly from our online shop. We should have some other retailer announcements coming soon and we ship internationally too. I’m hoping we can create enough demand for Thoughtfully to be able to add subscriptions by late spring or summer. It’s very important for me to take one step at a time. I want Thoughtfully to be around for a long time.

LT: How often will new issues be published?

BG: Thoughtfully is a quarterly publication with a seasonal approach to living and eating. I want our readers to really get the opportunity to enjoy each issue and savor every page as well as be able to put it down and come back to it without being rushed.

LT: Can you give us any sneaks on what, or who, to expect in coming issues?

BG: While I can’t give you any details (c’mon, that would spoil all the fun), I can tell you that it’s going to be good, really good!! We have some exciting collaborations planned for Thoughtfully and it’s only going to get better.

LT: What is your background in natural beauty?

BG: I’ve been researching ingredients and testing non-toxic products for 14 years, and writing in the natural beauty space for almost four years.

LT: Will you be keeping up with Organic Beauty Talk?

BG: Organic Beauty Talk will remain up. It has a wealth of information and content. My hope is to give upcoming natural beauty bloggers a place to cultivate their voice and creativity. I’ll definitely keep Organic Beauty Talk around.

LT: What is one beauty tip all women should know?

BG: Know what’s in your products. And I’ll add to that: become a student of your skin. These two tips have been the most valuable lessons that I’ve learned along my own beauty journey and are truly the foundation for everything else. My skin is amazing because of it!

LT: And, I always ask, who has influenced your style?

BG: I tend to gravitate towards easy, effortless looking style that’s chic, sophisticated and on-trend with a bit of edge and sensibility. I go for flattering silhouettes and beautiful color with amazing feel, fit and function. I’m constantly pulling style inspiration from different places but I always gravitate towards Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez and Jenna Lyons of J Crew. I’m also incredibly drawn to Lupita Nyong’o on the red carpet and Tracee Ellis Ross’s hair these days.

Go to, or follow on Instagram: @thoughtfullymagazine and Twitter: @thoughtfullymag.

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Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson is an organic beauty expert who has been researching and writing on the subjects of natural beauty, health, and wellness for over 10 years. She specializes in sharing safe beauty products and her knowledge on healthy ingredients with her readers, and helping organic beauty brands and shop owners share their message and products with the world through her writing services.