Organic Fish Isn't


I’ve got good news and bad news: which do you want to hear first?

The good news is we’re doing a better job of seeking the sustainable. Shoppers are looking for lighter choices like fish instead of factory-raised meat, and snapping up anything labeled organic.

The bad news is, imported seafood doesn’t have to measure up to any USDA organic standards. As a matter of fact, fish and shellfish that are imported can be chock full of antibiotics. And unfortunately, there are still no current USDA organic standards in place for fish. Some research is being done regarding regulatory standards, but it may be years before they go into effect.

Any seafood labeled “organic” is very likely not organic at all. The "catch", as it were, is that a farmed fish infected with pollutants and sea lice and bred on antibiotics may be declared "organic" by virtue of its feed, while a wild, healthy fish harvested sustainably cannot be labeled organic because there is no way to trace its food source.

Image: bogenfreund