Period Tracking Just Got Easier: This Partnership is Great News For Your Ovaries

Period tracking just got a lot easier thanks to this partnership.

Ladies: Fertility and period tracking, and obtaining fresh, fun information about women’s health just got a lot easier.

HelloFlo, an Internet shop and information resource that’s dedicated to providing protection for your lady bits, and Clue, a well-known period tracking app, have joined forces.

About a week ago, Clue broke the awesome news about the two sites partnership on its blog. Clue and HelloFlo have similar goals in the women’s health realm, but both companies are unique enough to make this partnership all the more awesome.

Clue, a Berlin-based app company, has achieved its popular status amongst women and girls because of its tip-top fertility and period tracking abilities. (As the company boasts: It’s not pink, it’s science — if only every women’s health product was that forward-thinking.)

The Clue app runs on the information a girl or woman enters — the more accurate the information, the better period and fertility predictions. The app’s mission is to empower women to better understand their bodies, while also “moving science and health research forward.”

While HelloFlo isn’t an app or a period tracker, the company is dedicated to helping women and girls of all ages manage their bodies. Along with the site’s resources for women and girls, it also provides care packages for women at all states in their life.

“Clue and HelloFlo share a common goal of breaking down cultural taboos around menstruation and fertility issues and encouraging health awareness and body literacy through accessible, easy-to-understand content,” Clue‘s blog reports.

The partnership aims to expand both sites’ content and coverage, and both start-up companies hope to expand their readership and customer-base in the process. While the sites work together, they also hope to continue to break down all the nasty and silly stigmas that surround menstruation.

I’ve got to say that I sure wish these sites would have been around when I was a teen. They would have made my monthly friend so much more fun to hang with.

Do you use HelloFlo or Clue? Are you excited about their partnership?

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