Have a Happy Home: the Psychology of Interior Design

How the Psychology of Interior Design Can Help You Have a Happy Home

Living a better and more efficient life begins at home, which is why the psychology of interior design is so vitally important to creating a happy home.

Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, residential interior design is a multifaceted field that often involves various stages of renovating, remodeling, and decorating homes–which, believe it or not, incorporates a fair amount of psychological know-how. All the way from space planning to wall colors to how your home is organized, every little detail has the ability to create an impact – both subliminally and explicitly.

Space Planning for Efficiency and Functionality

The goal of space planning is to create a harmonious flow within a space, and when things feel out of whack, then everything from productivity to basic comfort can take a hit. This integral part of interior design might involve floorplans or blueprints when doing things like knocking down walls or building additions. And for decorating purposes, space planning would refer to where you place your furnishings within the home and how those “force” its residents to move throughout and utilize the area.  

Just because you don’t own your home or have the dough to remodel doesn’t mean you can’t improve the current situation. Making small steps to increase efficiency, and thereby creating a happier home, can go a long way. Take the opportunity to experiment by rearranging what you already have, or by eliminating a few pieces if the area is feeling claustrophobic. Leave some space around all sides of your furniture – in other words, don’t push your sofa against the wall. And if you’re kitchen is too small, invest in a small island on wheels that also has some storage built in – this could become your entire coffee brewing station in a tiny space.

Set the Mood with Color

We experience color at every turn, so whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, it is definitely here to stay. This inescapable facet of interior design and decorating can be uplifting, stimulating, relaxing, maddening, inspiring, and more. And when it comes to including color in the home, the hues you choose can have a direct impact on your mood. Although no two people see color exactly the same (Was that dress really white and gold, or was it blue and black?), there is legitimacy to how certain colors have the ability to alter our outlooks and perceptions.

According to experts at Dream Home Decorating, just as a neutral interior color palette may appear calming and stylish to some, others may find it such a drag that only a cheerful and energizing yellow splashed on the walls could get them through the day. The site also gives great explanations on how darker colors can make a large room seem more intimate, how lighter colors can make a small space feel larger, and how warm and cool undertones can also make a difference. So, if you’re feeling blue, then maybe it’s time for an interior color overhaul – it may do your mental state a lot of good.

Cleanliness for a Clear Mind

If a tidy space equals a clear mind, then why aren’t we taking more steps to improve our surroundings? One key to a happy home is by creating a simple routine to keep things clean, even if it’s as small as making your bed every morning, quickly clearing off the coffee table, or emptying the bathroom garbage every Wednesday and Sunday so you’re not faced with seeing it full to the brim throughout the week. Commit to spending just ten minutes a day cleaning up and you may find that all of these little things can make a huge difference.

And don’t forget the importance of organizing. It can set the stage for keeping things clean on a regular basis. For example, if your shoes don’t have a home, then how do you expect them to stay off of the living room floor and out of the way? Invest in tools like a sturdy shoe rack for your closet or entryway, a bathroom organizer that hangs on the back of the door, or extra closet shelving. Ensuring that everything has a place in your home can be life changing

With so much time spent at home, improving how you feel when there is vital to your mental health, especially if you’re a sensitive person to begin with. And thanks to a greater understanding of how to lift your spirit and improve your mood, these tips should put you on the path to creating a happy home. What are some steps you’ve taken to improve your mood at home? Share your thoughts on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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