Pucker Up: 10 Surprising Uses for Lip Balm

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Once your pout’s all… well, pouty, here are 10 more uses for lip balm.

If you think the only uses for lip balm is on your lips, you’re seriously missing out. The soothing formula and its consistency make it surprisingly handy for solving other beauty and fashion mishaps. This, my friends, is repurposing at its finest.

Here are 10 uber-useful ways to let your lip balm live up to its full potential:

1. Tame those flyaways

Your hair never gives you attitude when you’re actually near your hair products (pffft!) – lucky for you, you can use your lip balm to fight back. Just rub a small amount on your palms or fingertips and then run through your unruly hair to spruce up your ‘do in a pinch.

2. Groom your brows

I have this one eyebrow hair that has to stay in place no matter what. Otherwise, it looks like I have three eyebrows. Lightly dab some lip balm along your brows as you brush them into place to make sure they stay put.

3. Treat dry cuticles

If you’re out of cuticle cream or forgot your moisturizer, rub lip balm onto dry cuticles. It’ll help keep them moisturized and prevent hangnails from causing any more trouble.

4. Prevent blisters

So, you’re trying to break in a new pair of shoes. You poor soul sole. As you’re breaking them in and your feet start whimpering, rub lip balm on the friction-frazzled areas of your feet to offer up some relief.

5. Use as an eye primer

Instead of spending oodles of money on eye primer, just use your lip balm! Spread on your lids before doing your makeup to keep it looking fresh. You can also dab some around your eye area before bed to keep your peepers moisturized.

6. Shine your shoes

If your heels are falling a little flat (ha!), add some sparkle to your step by using lip balm to shine them. Simply spread some onto a clean, dry rag and buff away!

7. Remove a stuck ring

When you’re trying to slide a stuck ring off your hand, you never picture the experience ending with your finger still attached to your body. Bust out your lip balm and coat your finger to wriggle the ring loose.

8. Keep your hair color on your hair

To prevent hair color from ending up on your skin, rub lip balm on your hairline and ears to keep them so fresh and so clean.

9. Combat shaving nicks

If you’ve cut yourself shaving and your tub’s starting to look like a murder scene, dab some lip balm on the cut. It’ll help stop the bleeding and heal the cut that much faster.

10. Nix mascara smudges

Mascara smudges are the worst. One wrong move and you end up back at square one. Apply lip balm to the smudges. Believe it or not (I tried it because I didn’t), the oils in the lip balm gently lift away the smudge without massacring the rest of your makeup. You’re welcome.

What are your favorite non-lippy uses for lip balm?

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