Rain, Rain, Won’t You Stay? Brave the Elements in Style with this Fashionable Rain Gear

Rain, Rain, Won’t You Stay? Brave the Elements in Style with this Fashionable Rain Gear

With spring and summer come rain showers and thunderstorms. And although we can’t force the weather to accommodate us, we can certainly dress for the weather, which is why we’ve chosen some of our favorite sustainable and fashionable rain gear of the season. These pieces will keep you dry without keeping you down about purchasing outerwear that doesn’t coincide with your ethical preferences.


Rain, Rain, Won’t You Stay? Brave the Elements in Style with this Fashionable Rain Gear
Sustainable Luxury: Belted, Trench, and Tailored Rain Coats and Capes from Terra New York

Raincoats no longer have to be an afterthought when it comes to incorporating them into your wardrobe. Some have become so incredibly fashionable (see above) that they actually add an element of style rather than distract with their signature slick, bright yellow exteriors. Thanks to conscious designers who actually make an effort to elevate the look of raincoats, the days of ill-fitting ponchos, looking like a caution light, or deciding to just “make a run for it” are a thing of the past.

One such example is from Terra New York, an eco-friendly rain gear company that has some of the chicest translucent waterproof outerwear we’ve ever seen. Not only does this business pride itself on its celebrity following, like Rita Ora, Naomi Watts, and Jessica Chastain, but it also touts a mean track record in sustainability. The outerwear is completely biodegradable and is manufactured using a whopping 80 percent recycled materials. With rain gear as fierce as this – just look at those sexy translucent materials – hopefully it will force that thunderstorm back into submission.


Rain, Rain, Won’t You Stay? Brave the Elements in Style with this Fashionable Rain Gear
Biodegradable Chic: Clear, Gray, and Pink Umbrellas from Brelli

Probably the most popular piece of rain equipment from the bunch, umbrellas are a common accessory used for more than just staying dry. These drizzle dampeners come in all sorts of colors and patterns and can really be the source of a good conversation starter. Make sure yours is also sustainable, biodegradable, and/or made from recycled materials, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

This transparent umbrella from Brelli is as soft in appearance as the sound of rain on your window panes, yet this accessory is entirely biodegradable and counteracts the figure reporting that more than a million cheap umbrellas flood New York City alone on an annual basis. Thanks to its extreme sustainability, the Brelli is comprised of bamboo, elderberry wood, cotton string, and organic cotton, you don’t have to worry about the future of this umbrella or the nearby landfills – aerobically, the Brelli will decompose like twigs and leaves do, and anaerobically, the Brelli will turn into biogas and produce 90 percent of the energy that was used to make it. It also protects from 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

Rain Boots

Rain, Rain, Won’t You Stay? Brave the Elements in Style with this Fashionable Rain Gear
Conscious Classics: Gray Haze, Botanical, and Blue Sky Rain Boots from Hunter

This waterproof footwear is quickly becoming the signature staple piece for more than just the springtime trendsetters. These puddle jumpers are also perfect for those of you who wish to mix things up a bit in the wardrobe arena. Whether bold, sweet, or classic, rain boots can add some serious style to your seasonal outfits. And fortunately, these look cute with just about everything – skirts, skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses are all fair game when it comes to pairing with rain boots.

Made with natural latex rubber from sustainable sources, the Wellies from Hunter will leave you assured that you’re investing your money in something that’s more than just a pretty face. With a high standard for corporate responsibility, including the welfare of the supply workers and surrounding communities, this business places emphasis on the impact it has on the world around them. The styles we’ve chosen range from classic to trendy, but they’re all incredibly classy and versatile, so you’ll be able to wear these all season long – even when it’s not raining!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our sustainable rain gear roundup for spring and summer because now you’ll be prepared –stylishly, of course – no matter what the weather has in store. So ditch that PVC, chemical laden, and other non-biodegradable materials for something that’s as beautiful for the wearer as it is for the planet. How do you get prepped for the rain? Show us your favorite rainy day outfits and let us know what you think about our choices on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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