Recycled Clothing Gains Popularity with 3 Big European Brands and Certification

R Cert from Redress

Clothing giant Esprit recently launched a recycled clothing collection which achieved the newly popular R Cert status, a certification system that guarantees a minimal percentage of reused fiber. Other large brands, like Puma and H&M and indy labels, like Jane Bowler, are finding all kinds of uses for recycled fabrics.

Textile technologies have advanced to the point where new fabrics can be make by recycling old ones or from other materials, but it can be hard to know if they are legitimate. R Cert is an accreditation system that applies mainly in the Asian market and is issued by the Hong Kong based Redress (the same group behind the 365 challenge). Basically, the R Cert means that a particular item of clothing is made up of at least 20% recycled fibers and allows customers to track the item’s journey from factory to store on a dedicated website. To celebrate this achievement and the move toward greater transparency and accountability, we round up three more examples of innovative recycled clothing.

Avant Garde Raincoat

Jane Bowler Raincoat

UK designer Jane Bowler uses recycled plastics for her avant garde inspired raincoats. She uses reappropriated plastics (including from shower curtains) to create unique designs to reflect her belief that recycled materials can be luxurious, innovative and desirable.

PUMA InCycle jacket

PUMA Track Jacket

The PUMA ‘Track Jacket’ which is part of its InCycle Recycled products collection, is made from polyester deriving from recycled PET bottles. Even the zippers are made from recycled polyester. Interestingly, the jacket can be turned back into polyester granulate and serve as a secondary raw material for other exciting products at the end of its life.

H&M Cycling collection

H&M Cycle Wear

The successful Swedish retailer teamed up with Brick Lane Bikes in the UK to launch an 11 piece menswear collection of casual pieces for cycling (a more eco friendly way to get around!). The collection itself uses recycled cotton, recycled wool and recycled polyester.

Images: Jane Bowler, PUMA, H&M

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