Save a Tree. Keep a Journal


It happens to the best of us. Our mission is to clean out the storage unit in the garage. We plow through a few bags and boxes, tossing stuff in the large blue recycle bin or putting other stuff in a pile for goodwill. Then it happens – we stumble upon the box. The one stuffed to the point of overflow with old diaries and journals from years past.

“One quick look,” you think. Next thing you know you’re sitting on the dirty concrete with tear-filled eyes – and three hours have passed.

Been there? If you’ve ever kept a journal – written your deepest darkest secrets, recorded the details of your day, purged your insides out onto the page – I’m certain you know what I mean when I say journaling isn’t for sissies.

And choosing the journal to jot our thoughts is serious business. Instead of cutting down new trees, why not recycle and reuse what we already have? Ecojot makes 100% recycled journals, notebooks and sketchbooks that caught my eye – they’re playful, colorful and fun! And the company is green from the ground up. Ecojot uses recycled packaging and their Canadian paper mill runs on biogas, uses recycled water, recycles all its waste and donates usable scraps to local schools. As if that isn’t enough, a portion of all Ecojot sales is donated to an environmental cause.


Check out their website to learn more about ecojot and read their list of green-going suggestions including “buy local” and “only run your dishwasher when it’s full”.

Note: Journals come in various sizes, styles and themes with heavy duty covers and paper made from 100% post-consumer waste that is chlorine- and acid-free. Only non-toxic vegetable based inks and glues are used. Prices range from $6 to $30.