Screw Tradition: Have a Sensible Wedding to Save Cash and Stay Sustainable

Have a sensible wedding and keep your mind... and money.

Ugh. Who says you need to follow specific traditions to have a baller wedding? Not I! And really, any bride with a bit of creativity (and respect for her wallet), will be willing to forgo certain “traditional” wedding aspects to save her peace of mind… and money.

Many modern brides-to-be aren’t buying new wedding dresses (or reception dresses… or honeymoon dresses) and some are even nixing the pre-wedding parties — they’re opting to have a sensible wedding.

If you think you may be on the way to planning a wedding of your own soon, consider the following un-traditional “downsizing” tips to keep your wedding fabulously on-budget.

1. Don’t get a traditional engagement or wedding ring

If I ever get close to any type of commitment with any guy, I’d make it well known that I don’t want a traditional ring. Translation: I want a dead woman’s ring (aka vintage, “environmental,” or gently-used ring) that my dude picked out.

While nixing the dream of a new ring can save tons of cash, you may not want someone else’s ring. If that’s the case, hint for an engagement and wedding ring that isn’t showy, or that’s handmade (sans jewels) by a local jeweler.

2. Go local

Get your invitations, flowers, etc., done by local companies and keep the theme simple and unique. Simple = fewer headaches, and unique = no one’s wedding will ever, ever, be like your wedding.

3. Have a joint bachelor bachelorette party

Do you and your partner-to-be have friends in common? Killer! Now, invite everyone over for a debauchery-filled “end of being single” party.

Having just one party, in one place (like your home), can cut down on carbon emissions (no bar-hopping and no hummer limousines). And if you’re sad that you’ll be missing out on your “last big night out when single,” you’re not. Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean all the fun is ending.

4. Don’t have a destination wedding, and keep the honeymoon small

Your friends and family (and the environment) will appreciate your choice to keep the ceremony local. And while, yes, you should plan to get away after the wedding, don’t go crazy. Sure, it’s super fun to go on a long trip, but maybe it would be more relaxing and intimate to just take a two-week-long road trip with your love. After all, adventure is sexy.

Have you been married? Do you have any advice for having a sensible wedding?

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