Shailene Woodley’s Lipstick is a Roasted Beet


Shailene Woodley is making her own cosmetics line but you can’t buy it in any store — and that’s the whole point.

Woodley, who stars in the much anticipated movie “The Fault in Our Stars” this summer, opened up to InStyle about how her love of nature made her change her entire lifestyle, including her beauty routine.

The revelation came after spending some time in Hawaii where she saw a beautiful leaf one day.

“I thought about how the same leaf would be so different in just a few months—just like life, it’s so fleeting and constantly changing,” said the actress. “It woke me up. The abundance of nature was one I had never been exposed to. It was literally paradise.”

And to keep that paradise alive she changed her habits. The actress goes on hikes to source herbs and spring water, thrift shops and makes her cosmetics from scratch.

“Beets are my go-to for lip color,” explained Woodley who roasts one for 30 to 50 minutes at 350 degrees, lets it cool and rubs it on her lips. “I eat them after!”

For eyeshadow she uses Spirulina from Longevity Warehouse, which when wet, doubles as eyeliner. She keeps her hair smooth and hydrated by lathering coconut or olive oil for a few minutes in her hair before bedtime and her deodorant is made with baking soda, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and a few drops of essential oil blends, her favorites being “lavender, sage, pepper, tea tree, and bergamot.”

But the benefits aren’t just for mother nature. Woodley swears by her all natural lifestyle and said it has worked better than anything else she’s used.

“To remove face makeup and cleanse skin, I use sea buckthorn oil from Living Libations, morning and night. I swear by their product—it completely changed my skin. Before, I had combo skin, and now it’s smooth and not too oily or dry.” – Natalia Galbetti

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