8 Stationary Must-Haves for Old-Timey Communication Lovers

Stationery revival.
Stationery revival.

Stationery solutions for those looking to keep the practice and art of paper communications alive.

In this day and age of mass emails, tweets, Snapchat, and every other form of digital communication some are choosing to go old school with pen and paper. There’s a snail mail revival afoot. Sending a card, a letter, a note of thanks is a much more personal way to let your loved ones know that you care and are thinking of them.

The more high tech we get, the more important it is to hold onto special traditions that can become even more special when it’s so super easy just to click a button to send someone birthday greetings.

But what are the stationery must haves to keep on hand for sending everything from letters to thank you cards?

Stationery Must Haves

Stationery revival.

1. Basic Rustic Stationery Set via Pinky Promise Bargains

You will want a basic everyday writing set to have on hand for last minute birthday greetings, to send best wishes on a friend’s new job, or to just keep up with your penpal. This rustic set is full of charm, but versatile enough whatever your needs.

Stationery revival.

2. Personalized Heart Stationery via Find Penny Paper Co

On the other hand, some personalized stationery might work just as well for your note writing needs. No matter your taste in fonts and decorations, there’s a set to match your style.

Stationery revival.

3. Flat Chevron Notecards via Hedoe Paper

There are two different styles of notecards–flat and folded notecards. Flat notecards are perfect for a quick note to a friend.

Stationery revival.

4. Folded Notecards via Pink Lily Press

Pretty folded notecards are a quick solution when you need a thank you or birthday card. Keep different designs on hand to tuck in with a birthday present or along with a host gift.

Stationery revival.

5. Printed Notepad via naomilynn

Not only are notepads a handy way to jot down some notes, but they can also act a stand-in for notecards and other stationery.


Stationery revival.

6. Thank You Cards via missive

Don’t forget your manners! Thank you cards are a stationery must-have and letterpress thank you cards are even better.

Stationery revival.

7. Bear Postcards via Bearly Southern

Sending a postcard is a fun way to send quick greetings to a friend. These quirky postcards would do the trick to send good cheer to a friend.


8. Kraft Paper Envelopes via When it Rains Paper

And it is always a good idea to keep extra envelopes on hand when writing letters or to send photos and other keepsakes. These Kraft paper envelopes are a practical stationery solution.

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