Stop the Press – Wait, Don’t

Michelle Adams started a little shelter publication that forever changed the method of design inspiration delivery; Lonny took root, followed by an explosion of online real estate housing shelter magazines.

Last week I shared my thoughts about shelter trends for the eleventh year of the new millennium. Online magazines made my list of predictions for 2011, carried over from last year, which was riddled with shelter magazines who found their home online.

Shelter magazines have been enticing design lovers with glossy musings for years, but recent years have seen a multitude of magazines fold (collective sigh in remembrance of Domino). As 2011 unfolds, peruse a few of these publications. Tread carefully dear readers, after all, how much is too much? Here’s hoping 2011 continues to lure design lovers with quality publications. I vote for quality over quantity.

Here’s a card catalog of my favorite virtual publications.



Ivy & Piper

Lonny (Tour Michelle Adams’ apartment here.)

Nesting Newbies

Pure Green

Rue (Here’s a peak inside the gorgeous pages of Rue.)

Standard (EcoSalon loves Standard.)

Sweet Paul

Psst. Most of these magazines are also available in print, in case you just need to hold the glossy pages in your hands.

For more 2011 shelter trends, scroll through this.

(Image from Lonny.)