Studies Show Cell Phone Use in Pregnancy Negatively Affects Child


Here’s a topic I didn’t even want to write about, it’s so potentially disturbing. A study done in Denmark, in conjunction with UCLA, has shown that pregnant women who use cell phones only 2 or 3 times a day have a much higher risk of having children with behavioral difficulties. If the young children themselves use cell phones regularly, that risk is compounded.

Skeptics might scoff at this, but when the researchers accounted for other potential factors (smoking or alcohol during pregnancy, history of mental illness in the family, etc), the results pointed even more strongly towards cell phone use as a danger. The researchers aren’t sure why developing fetuses are biologically affected by cell phones, but the numbers are there. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we’ve seen such a high rate of ADHD and autism in the past few decades? If you have information about this, please share it. We’ll keep you posted.

Image: IamSAM.