Sumptuous Succulent Plants: Fatten Up Your Garden and Home with the Plants Du Jour


If plants can be trendy, then succulent plants are the hot plant du jour.

Succulents are plants that have thick and fleshy leaves, stems or root, and they are also called “Fat Plants”. Native to arid regions, these plump and juicy beauties adapted to lower precipitation levels by developing fleshy bits making it easy for them to retain water. You might be thinking about cacti right now and cactus are a type of spiny succulent, but not all succulent plants are cacti. The allure of growing succulents for many, besides their gorgeously plump appearance, is that they can be quite hardy–or at least for those who don’t necessarily sport a green thumb.

As the trend for succulents grows (pun intended), they have been showing up in magazine spreads, at wedding receptions as centerpieces and home and gardening stores across the country. There’s just something about those plump plants that really seems to have captured people’s gardening spirit. They’re the Audrey Hepburn of the plant world: charming, chic, stunning and down-to-earth all in one.

There is something about succulent plants that make them very touchable–with their often smooth outer skin–and they can  also be quite exotic looking. They can vary greatly in color, have spines, be spiky, have stripes and more.

Succulent Plants in Your Home

Etsy is a great place to visit if you like the look of those succulent succulents, but don’t really want to get your hands dirty. Here’s a few ready to order potted succulent plants to add to your home.

Succulent Plants 1

Image: RootedInSucculents

A pretty succulent centerpiece for your home.

Succulent Plants 2

Image: FlathersCreations

Terrariums are good homes for succulent plants.

Succulent plants for the home.

Image: BottleGardens

We love this tequila bottle succulent planter.

Succulent DIY

And if you like getting your hands dirty, head off to your nearest garden shop for supplies. Here are a few resources to get you started with planting your own.

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