These 6 Sustainable Sunglasses Don’t Skimp on Style

sustainable sunglasses

Need a little inspiration of where to find your next staple shades? These sustainable sunglasses will cater to anyone’s style needs.

We’ve all been there with cheap sunglasses. It seems like a good idea at the time (even if they do sit a little wonky on your face), but it’s not long until they start to fall apart and you find yourself throwing away yet another pair.

You’re not the only one. While most of us don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw down on a pair of the big name designer sunglasses, there is another option, and it comes with less waste, less cost, but no less designer appeal.

6 Sustainable Sunglasses Designers You Need To Know

sustainable sunglasses

1. Warby Parker

It’s easy to forget that poor sight is not so easily fixed for everyone. Huge props to Warby Parker for using bio-acetate (made from cellulose), but we’re even more impressed by its commitment to donate a pair of glasses for each and every one sold through partnering with VisionSpring. The array of styles within the sunglasses collection is also pretty staggering. Find classic shades like Lowry the to more on-trend frames like the retro rose gold Fleta.


sustainable sunglasses

2. Carla Colour

Sometimes, sunglasses need to be a statement, and it turns out you can still make one sustainably. Taking inspiration from the arts, the shapes you’ll find here are soft and dreamy, with plenty of colors to choose from whether pastels are your thing, or you want to go bold with brights. Even with all the eccentric NYC flare these sunnies have to offer, the eco credentials are still solid as the bio-acetate is made from wood pulp and cotton (farmed sustainably, of course).


sustainable sunglasses

3. Karmoie

With Scandinavian style behind the design, all of Karmoie’s shades are simple, elegant and modern. Much like Warby Parker, the company employs a buy-one-give-one practice, donating a pair of eyejusters for every pair sold through four projects located across Africa and Asia. Karmoie also boasts the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark which ensures they use ethical and sustainable practices across the board, such as fair pay and energy conservation.


sustainable sunglasses

4. Capital Eyewear

For those who love classic shapes, quality design, and prefer their fashion made in the USA, head to Capital Eyewear for your next pair of sunnies. Created in San Francisco with bio-acetate and sustainably sourced hardwood, every pair also has all measurement details available online to help you find the right pair for your face shape. And it’s not just about manufacturing locally; ten percent of all sales are put into the Capital Fund, a piggy bank set up for local entrepreneurs to make their own business ideas a reality and put back into the community. You can even nominate someone on the website!


5. Dick Moby

Made in Italy (like all the great sunglasses are), Dick Moby shades are handcrafted with sustainability at the heart alongside fashion. Using a mix of recycled acetate to create its black frames, and bio-acetate for the rest, this is one designer who proves you don’t have to opt for bamboo to protect your peepers the eco-friendly way. It’s not just the shades themselves that tick the eco box; each cleaning cloth is made from seven recycled plastic bottles, and the chic leather cases are no less than recycled material, too.


sustainable sunglasses

6. Wires 

If you love minimalist design, prepare to swoon over Wires’ ultra-contemporary look and concept. The lens holders are made using a 3D printer (oh yes, this is the future), which means there’s zero waste as only the necessary materials are used. The designs are then completed by talented craftsmen in Zimbabwe use traditional skills to turn a single piece of enamel-coated copper or brass wire into a final pair of sunglasses. The beauty of the wire is that they can easily be adjusted to your face shape. Plus, if Lily Cole is on board, so are we.

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