5 Summer Hat and Sunglasses Combos for Sunny Days: Friday Finds

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The summer sun is a wonderful thing, but it can only be truly enjoyed with the right protection. And thank goodness some of that protection is incredibly fashionable. We’ve rounded up 5 summer hat and sunglasses combinations that will keep the sun’s rays at bay.

A summer hat is nothing without a pair of retro sunglasses.

Wear this summer hat at the beach or pool.

1. Sun hat and oversized glasses

Let’s start out with a classic hat and sunglasses combination. Headed to the beach, lake, or pool? You’re going to want a pair of sunglasses that are functional and cover all of your eyes. Also, it doesn’t hurt that these glasses are retro chic. Priced at $38. The perfect sun hat has a wide brim and the flexibility to be able to easily fit into a beach bag. This hat has both those qualities. Priced at $68.

A simple summer hat will make this pair of funky sunglasses pop.

This summer hat is simple and perfect for wearing with funky sunglasses.

2. Floppy hat and funky sunglasses

If you’re headed out for a night with the ladies, we suggest picking a hat and sunglasses combination like the one above. We love this floppy hat’s brim and slouchy silhouette. Priced at $58. And while the hat has an incredibly simple design, that style makes it perfect for pairing it with flashy accessories. An example: this pair of sunglasses. We love this pair’s pink, circle frames, and their moon and star embellishments. Priced at $20.

Wear a fashionable summer hat with these fun sunglasses.

Wear this vegan summer hat with fun sunglasses.

3. Butterfly glasses and rancher hat

If you like a little flash, you’ll love this pair. These oversized frames are butterfly-inspired and feature a lovely ivory and lavender color combination. Priced at $20. Pair these glasses with this faux suede hat. It comes in a rancher style and has a wide brim. Priced at $58. We recommend wearing this combination while on a spur of the moment road trip.

Wear a retro summer hat with these retro summer sunglasses.

This summer hat is a vintage dream.

4. Retro sunglasses and hat

Embrace your inner flower child and wear this super fun hat and sunglasses combination. This pair of sunglasses features a retro style and has thick, plastic frames and an overall vintage-inspired aesthetic. Priced at $20. Pair with this incredibly original summer of love styled hat that’s made from natural fibers. Priced at $58.

Wear a classic summer hat that's delicate with sunglasses with delicate frames.

This summer hat is different than most.

5. Classic, delicate sunglasses and fedora

If you’re going for fancy cocktails on the beach, we suggest wearing this classy sunglasses and hat combo. This pink pair of glasses has thin frames which gives them a very delicate look. Priced at $58. And we love this straw fedora because of its fun, starfish detail. And it doesn’t hurt that this hat’s starfish detail perfectly matches the sunglasses’ pink frames. Priced at $145.

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