6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses: Blast from the Past!

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

If you have an appreciation for vintage looks, then we’ve got you covered for spring. Before swimsuit season hits, we definitely recommend checking out these super cool, one of a kind vintage sunglasses that are sure to be a poolside hit.

The beauty about buying vintage is that the pair you’re acquiring is unique and not likely to be owned by anyone else in your circle. Plus, you can get as crazy or as tame or as glamorous as you’d like – trust us, there’s some seriously wild ones in the mix – meaning there’s definitely something for every taste and style.

Below, we’ve chosen our favorites from Vintage-Sunglasses.de, but keep in mind that this shade throwing business also has a huge, like more than 600 pairs huge, online inventory of the best, highest quality and almost always unused and unworn sunglasses from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s – and that’s just the stockpile available for women. Plus, if there’s a certain style you have in mind, the team is more than accommodating and will do its best to hunt down the very pair you’ve been looking for.

Remember, when you buy vintage, you’re more likely to support a small business, and you’re avoiding fast fashion and the cycle of wastefulness that comes along with it, especially when it comes to cheap, throw away glasses. So, take a look below at our top six and see if we can’t convince you to try a pair of vintage sunglasses this spring.

1. Rhinestone Butterfly

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

These sweet, light pink butterfly shaped sunglasses are a totally welcome blast from the past. They’re said to be from around 1975 and are actually unused and unworn – the meticulous rhinestone detailing above the bridge is in impeccable condition. These would look so adorable with a white jumpsuit, romper, or crocheted bikini and espadrille wedges in order to really complete the retro 1970s style.

2. Bugatti Aviators

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

Not quite as crazy as some of our other picks, these super chic cotton candy colored aviators are a beautiful choice that could essentially be your everyday pair since they’ll go with nearly everything this season. The vintage Bugatti EB 502/S shades pictured above are of the highest quality and date back to the mid-1990s, which, believe it or not, has already been two and a half decades.

3. Cazal Sunglasses

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

These super fly Cazal shades are a vintage gem from the 1980s. These unused and unworn beauties were made in Passau, Germany and are in excellent condition. Pair these with a velour tracksuit and trainers for a true nod to the ’80s, or wear them with your favorite flared jeans and crop top for a cute rendition of an old school look.

4. Emilio Pucci

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

Another butterfly inspired pair, but definitely more tame than the first, are the beautiful and chic geometric Hampel for Emilio Pucci rare vintage designer glasses from 1978 pictured above. They’re said to be unworn and one of a kind, which means these are in pristine condition, plus they’d look lovely with all of the ’70s inspired fashion that’s popping up this spring. Wear these with your favorite maxi dress and sandals during your beachside rendezvous.

5. Alain Mikli Sunglasses

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

Ok, so these are definitely over the top, but our list just wouldn’t be complete without at least one super crazy statement pair. The Alain Mikli pair, with their bold black and white stripes, asymmetrical design, and wrap around “wing” shape, are definitely not for the shy crowd, especially if you plan on wearing them, as opposed to displaying them. Perhaps these are best left for the avid collectors of vintage sunglasses, but they’re still fun to look at nonetheless.

6. Christian LaCroix

Blast from the Past: 6 Pairs of the Coolest Vintage Sunglasses

This stunning, square shaped pair of vintage sunglasses by Christian LaCroix first graced the shelves in the 1990s. They’re said to be inspired by the rococo period which incorporated “pompous details” but actually boast a pleasant brown frame that’s almost reminiscent of a tortoiseshell design. These unused and unworn shades are definitely eye-catching and are just too cool to pass up.

Sharing our vintage sunglasses has been so much fun and is certainly a nice change of pace in contrast to the fast fashion that we encounter on the regular. Do you have a favorite pair from our list? Are you already into vintage sunglasses or is this your first foray? Let us know what you think on the EcoSalon Facebook page!  

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