5 Eco-Friendly Jewelry Makers You Need in Your Life

The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life

Jewelry is like the icing on the cake – it’s a really great way to complete your outfit. But, similar to the off-the-shelf frosting, the devil is in the details. Rather than preservatives, your jewelry could contain high levels of toxins and carcinogens, which is why we’ve presented you with some wonderful eco-friendly jewelry alternatives – minus the calories! 

According to a report from CBS News, low-cost jewelry may end up costing you more in the long run when it comes to your health. The testing was conducted by the Ecology Center, “a Michigan-based non-profit organization that advocates for a safe and healthy environment.” Results from the tests were alarming in that, despite strict regulations, they still found high levels of toxic chemicals, like lead, chromium, and nickel.

What’s even more frightening is that most of us may already own some of the pieces that came back as “high” on the center’s tests. Some of the manufacturers that had at least one dangerous item on the list were: Claire’s, Walmart, Target, and Forever 21. Fortunately, though, we’ve rounded up several eco-friendly jewelry manufacturers with accessories that you can feel good about.    


The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life
Cicada Ring; $45

This edgy, dark, and oh so appealing line from Tyramin is as unique and pretty as it is textural and gritty. With a variety of metals, and striking designs, this jewelry store should definitely appeal to the alternative crowd or those of you looking for something special. If you’re into insects, animal-inspired pieces, daggers, and succulents that live on forever, then be sure to stop by. According to the site, Tyramin is committed to social and environmental responsibility, using sustainable materials and methods wherever possible.” The Cicada Ring pictured above is so hip and looks amazing on.   

2. Virginie Millefiori

The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life
Dangling Triangle Earrings; $60

Feminine and dainty, this whimsical eco-friendly jewelry from Virginie Millefiori utilizes strategically placed color using recycled metal in “the most environmentally friendly way possible.” This is what childhood memories are made of. If you’re into hot air balloons, pinwheels, pyramids, and other quirky finds, then you’ll definitely dig this company’s jewelry. The Dangling Triangle Earrings pictured above are said to represent water, earth, and female energy in the downward position.

3. Smartglass Jewelry

The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life
Hexagon Cocktail Ring; $58

Each piece of handmade jewelry features recycled glass, silver, brass, or gold fill. The Smartglass Jewely websites says that the material for the jewelry is individually selected and cut from empty bottles to ensure each piece is an original work of art.  If you’re into colorful and contemporary pieces with a lightweight, modern appearance, then you’ll enjoy what Smartglass has to offer. The hexagon cocktail ring pictured above is a beautiful emerald green color and is actually made from a wine bottle.

4. Andrea Bonelli

The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life
14k Sapphire Necklace; $192

This shop is independently owned and operated by an artist, also a metalsmith, who describes herself as “a one woman show taking care of every aspect of my business.” During her process she uses recycled materials and ethically mined diamonds and gemstones whenever possible. And, if you’re interested in getting hitched anytime soon, she also has a nice selection of eco-friendly engagement rings and wedding bands. The 14k Pink Rose Cut Sapphire Necklace pictured above would be a really pretty everyday piece. 

5. Eco Lustre

The Eco Friendly Jewelry You Need in Your Life
Chevron Cuff Bracelet; $72

In addition to the chemicals found in cheap jewelry, there’s also another process to consider, and that’s how the metal is mined. As Eco Lustre describes, the extraction process can cause the stripping of surface oil and the use of chemicals can lead to soil erosion, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and more. In order to counteract this destruction, Eco Lustre teams up with artisans who use recycled metals and vintage or dead stock. Nature seems to be the inspiration for much of the jewelry on the site, and there’s a great selection of delicate metal jewelry. The Chevron Cuff Bracelet pictured above would look great with nearly everything.

Remember, cheap and fast fashion isn’t always best. So next time you’re at the mall or big box store, consider the risks of buying low-cost jewelry – your health may depend on it. Instead, look to our post, or another conscious manufacturer for your future accessories.

What did you think of our eco-friendly jewelry selection? Are there any pieces on your holiday wish list this year? Let us know what you enjoyed on the EcoSalon Facebook page!  

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Image of Beautiful Hands with Jewelry via Andrea Bonelli

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