Sustainable? Toxic? Make the Right Fish Pick with the Seafood Watch App


As we head into summer, you’ve got clambakes, grilled mahi-mahi, and all sorts of other seafood delectables to look forward to. The next time you’ve got a taste for fish, I suggest consulting the free iPhone app Seafood Watch to make sure you’re making responsible dining choices.

The app features a couple of different ways to access the information in its database. If your heart is set on eating a particular kind of fish, you can search it by name and get its status since Seafood Watch lets you know if you’re making a good buying decision and wave you off eating fish that’s overfished or high in toxins.

If you’re open to what types of fish to buy at the store or at a restaurant, check out the apps regional guide that leads you to the most responsibly acquired fish in your area. Got a hankering for sushi? Seafood Watch’s sushi guide lists fish by Japanese and common market name.

Thoughtfully put together by Monterey Bay (CA) Aquarium, Seafood Watch is updated regularly and plans are in the works for new features to be added. Don’t have an iPhone? No sweat. You can access the app’s mobile site, from any cell phone with an Internet connection. And for access to the same information offline, download any of the eight free PDF files that tickle your fancy.