The 30 Year Jacket is More Stylish and Just as Sustainable as It Should Be

The 30 Year Jacket is exactly what you think it is.

We all know that fast fashion sucks, but it’s still reallllly hard to resist that trendy piece of clothing that look so good.

And although the main reason most of us pick fast fashion is to curb our voracious fashion appetites, we also pick less than amazing pieces because some clothes are just too expensive. Well, Tom Cridland, British designer of men‘s clothing, has decided to make a jacket that will last 30 years — and it’s not too pricey.

Staying Sustainable

Cridland’s main reason for creating the 30 Year Jacket was to make sustainable fashion that could curb the world’s addiction to cheap clothing.

His sustainable fashion project, which all began with the creation of a 30 Year Sweatshirt, has a lofty goal: “To lead an industry trend into protecting our natural resources by making truly durable clothing,” he says. “We’re [he and his fashion team] trying to get people to think about how they consume their fashion, and we are basically just trying to invoke a bygone era when clothing was made with exquisite care.”

While the jacket is not inexpensive — it costs about $258 — it isn’t that much more expensive than a wool winter coat.

For the Love of Longevity

Cridland also wants people to start buying better-made items once rather than poorly-made items every few years. “They’ll [the pieces] look smarter because they’ll be of better quality, and they’ll last longer,” he says. “And that’s not going to only, you know, benefit them. It’s going to benefit the environment and, of course, it’s going to keep independent brands like mine in business.”

Where to Buy

The jacket is physically available in Los Angeles and New York, but you can check out everything in Cridland’s 30 Year Collection on his website. The designer is selling various versions of the 30 Year Sweatshirt and the 30 Year T-Shirt. You also can see the 30 Year Jacket online. It comes in multiple colors and styles — some versions are made of 100 percent wool, others 100 percent cotton.

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