The 4 Best BB Creams for Summer Skin

3 Best Natural BB Creams for Summer

Fantasy beauty product – one that moisturizes, protects, provides coverage and anti-aging benefits, and even lends some skin clearing action. Well hold onto your knickers, this baby is a reality. Check out our best BB creams for summer skin.

BB creams. You’ve heard of them, seen actresses pushing them on TV, flipped past pages of them in magazines. But what the heck are they? And do you need one this summer?

BB stands for beauty balm and it looks like a tinted facial moisturizer. Oh, but it is so much more. BB creams offer lightweight hydration with more coverage than most tinted moisturizers, and also includes sun protection and a touch of antioxidant action. Poof! Dream come true.

Because light hydration is totally where it’s at for summer, multitasking beauty products are hot weather staples. And BB creams definitely fall into this category. Super easy to apply and practically weightless. Skin perfection on the fly.

Now imagine all this, only with natural ingredients. Healthy plant oils, pure mineral color and protection, and natural antioxidants make BB creams even more powerful. You get your flawless complexion while fighting blemishes and wrinkles too. And because they are feather weight, don’t melt or smear like heavier foundations.

So kick your heavy foundations and concealers to the curb for summer, and try a natural BB cream. You won’t be sorry.

4 Best BB Creams to Try for Summer Skin




1. Lavera Organic BB Cream

For every skin type, especially those with sensitive skin. Antioxidants protect, while calming ingredients even out skin tone and calm redness. The matte formula smooths imperfections and refines pores.

Haut Cosmetics BB Cream

2. Haut Cosmetics BB Cream

This brush on BB cream is such the multitasker. It primes, hydrates, brightens and evens skin tone, and provides water resistant sun protection. Antimicrobial organic coconut oil helps to prevent breakouts. Choose from three natural shades.

Juice Beauty BB Cream

3. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer

Zinc SPF protection and mineral tint make this product effective. Fruit acids keep skin clear and bright. This lightly hydrating moisturizer is perfect for all skin types. Choose from four tones.

La Mav BB Creme

4. La Mav BB Creme

This Certified Organic BB crème offers matte finish for all skin types. Rosehip oil helps to diminish age spots and sun damage, and rosemary zaps blemishes. Kakadu Plum holds anti-aging benefits.

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